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    Night vision feral shooting. Selling all types of night vision equipment.
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  1. Aaaarrrrg. You will need to beg better than that
  2. Don't waste time just thinking, DO something!!!
  3. It's only money won't come again at this price.
  4. SOLD I have a demo unit GSCI thermal scope for sale. S350 384 x 288 17 microns. 3 X optical. Complete with "ARMS" QD mount and extender (for greater eye relief adjustment) Come with all the accessories, hard case etc. 6 years warranty still to go. As new condition. List price $8115 inc, sell $6842 inc. Plus post. Saving $1273. Full specs. on our web site, www.australianshootingservices.com.au The S350 is our best selling model. Note. Extender rail not fitted in this image.
  5. Joe, I will look into a suitable venue and talk to you about it.I have a lot of gear here to see. What sort of time frame would you envisage?


    1. Joe Kerr

      Joe Kerr

      Hi Alan - it depends on the others I guess, I'm retired, so anytime pretty much suits me but the rest all work crazy assed hours with shift work & long haul road train driving etc which makes it tough to plan (they often don't know their next days details until the night prior when the boss rings and tells them (& that includes weekends) & of course roo cullers can be out all night etc.
      Let me talk with the guys and see what I can work out that will suit them all!
      We would all have to come from all points of the compass (Perth, Collie, Boddington etc) to meet up somewhere central to you at say Busso?.

  6. Hi all. Southwest WA based, been shooting for more years than I wish to remember. Shoot a range of firearms, mainly for ferals. Use a lot of night vision, thermal and Gen3
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