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    Cooking / Entertaining, Fishing, Camping, Firearms, Reloading, Computers, Reading, SEWING.
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    CZ 452 .22, TIKKA T3 Lite .222, TIKKA CTR .243, HOWA 1500 .308.
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Late again into real fire sticks, Rabbits mostly. As a helicopter pilot later years did not get a chance to shoot but fortunate to have great shooters, becomes a real exercise in coordination for everyone on board, three shooters = pretty effective platform. Told a couple to get lost;  one to walk home (scares the shit when they bring weapon up....hit the blades, good night Irene) did thousands roos, millions of pigs and poor old donks. From the helo one can appreciate the crop damage which cannot be seen in a vehicle on the ground.

The challenge associated with hand loading, for me is an addictive interest......to pursue just that bit betterer than just AOK.

Just want the pills to hit where you point them....simple ? 

Always learning....

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