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  1. Funny just talking about boots. back from SAMBAR country. My experience convinced me on merits of MUCK Boot Company ...have a look. Situation: Trudging night time (black as pitch) moon only using thermal sensor. The vineyards now destroyed around high country where blackberry bush has taken over due owners unable to fence to keep SAMBAR out. I wore good quality Mountain Boots, no gaiters, and jeans .... bloody hope less vines grab you and then it is A O T. My mate has his second pair of MUCK Boots, best described like GUM Boots but more tailored, has no problem what so ever. Flexible so covers all ends water, swampy, driving. They are exxy saw new at Albury gun shop, so for me the only way to go.
  2. SAKO Forester L 579.

    I have one which has been rebarrelled with BERGARA Varmint #7 Profile  in .308.

    By no means an expert but seems to do the job for me, happier/est with  Sierra # 2124 135 Grn, also BERGER #30570 168 Grn. Replaced scope recently with HAWKE #16160 Endurance SF 6-18x50, first time side focus, beats the hell out of using objective focus. Met a SAKO collector said L579 collector item but a bit less due BERGARA change, another shooter friend wants me to will it to him he loves using it, mostly on goats at 150 300 yds is good.

    At this time just rec'd COCKING WRENCH as it is a bugger trying to get the assembly back after disassembly, I simply can't. Removed it to check for headspace as a gunsmith in Victoria showed me. The wrench supplied is incorrect so am not winning.

    Anyone listening on tips to get the thing back would be appreciated.  

    1. HDTV


      Gday Tuppo, Try post in the Forum mate I'm sure you will get more traffic than my Profile :)   its all good,


      I'm not too familiar with the Sako l579, I do own a Sako A1 .222 but its not the same...

      good luck fella! sounds like a go-er


  3. to happy jack

    had made up an email to send ...my computer went down can't find the bloody thing ..... did it turn up your end 

  4. Wright James, Interesting that you are going south. The deer there are really something, in a word for me a different world regarding the hunting and harvesting of these animals. A whole different attitude to reloading also compared to my experience with bench rest shooting. Generally FULL LENGTH SIZE every time.... and then chuck the cases after about 5-6 reloads. Calibres also...anything less than a .30-06 is looked on as inadequate for a humane kill. . 300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag quite common and the 'big banger' .416 is sort of powerful ! ! Sambar appears to be Deer of choice for the meat side as it is not the 'gamey taste' of RED and FALLOW species.
  5. I am in the Sambar country right now....bloody freezin'at Myrtleford, Victoria. "Man was never meant to live in a cold climate"....makes one appreciate Emerald Old. My friend here has all the good gear, 300 Win mag, 338 Win Mag, thermal/infra red and then switches on the Night vision; the deer just stand cannot see the beam on them ...a different world for me. Sambar night before last went 180 kg dressed....a "small one". Sambar is something else when cooked...not the gamey taste of other venison ....schnitzels unbelievable.
  6. why throw em out, boil a pot of water, cup full brown vinegar, table spoon detergent, chuck them in do the shakey shake a few times, rinse well in hot water put 'em in the sun and hope ??

    Interested to see how it goes....if it works ? lets do a patent ! ! 

  7. If in Sydney give any of the guys at SAFARI Firearms Bexley at try they are very knowledgeable and won't stitch you. Simi is one of the people i deal with really helpful. If'n yo is in the bush LISMORE Chris, Hamish or Damien at Suffolks.
  8. Interesting, just ordered CZ 452 Special .22...had to get back into rimfire as usually odd man out at shoots. I too happy with SAKO L579 Forester (re-barreled BERGARA .308. Also .243 TIKKA CTR .243 and Tikka T3 Lite .222. Ranges up North NSW very active on weekly basis. New to centrefire after many years, reloading intense and challenging interest. Have to start getting it right as my learning curve has eliminated most of the clangers..so gotta get better. Of late most ferals Goats N/West Bathurst, years back was rabbits Dungog / Scone way...now interested in Farmer Assist and hunting generally, Fishing all my life can't walk the beach/rocks 'spinning' like it had done earlier days. Tried fresh water fishing however salty whitewater hard to beat. Planning (hopefully) trip North of Christchurch NZ goats seem endemic have friends shoot there regularly. Did caping/butchering course recently but a lot to learn; the pro's make it look easy. David
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