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  1. Kia Ora and to hi all, * Long intro, sorry. My name is Regan (34), from central North Island of New Zealand. Now living in NW Melbourne Vic. I have been in oz working flat out for the last 12yrs. Supporting my family has been my mission. After separating from my long time wife, which was fairly amicable. But as many will know, the head aches that arise really throw you about. With good mates lending an ear and also turning to nature to ease my mind, thats exactly what it did. Getting amongst nature is humbling and spiritual if you let it. To be able to sustain yourself on what the bush offers instead of Hungry Jacks or Coles is pretty damn amazing. I have two beautiful and growing kids. Girl 14, Boy 11 it has been hard on them. Me and the ex just want the best for them. My girl doesnt want to hang with dad anymore unless its in the mall. And my boy is at the prime age to soak up this stuff, I am itching to get him in the bush. And he is keen as mustard. Sorry to lay out my life out on here but just putting myself out there. I know there are many guys going through the same thing and some take it really hard. Many are shy or ashamed to speak up. It didnt help me to keep it all inside an stew. Strongly recommend getting it out and also counseling doesn't hurt. I'm sure most would agree, that as I am. Here to lend an ear or even better, catch up and get to know a fellow hunter gatherer for a hunt then a beer. I am renewing my love for the bush and nature, and also showing my boy a little of how we grew up. I grew up in the country in NZ and have always hunted. Now in oz, I have always maintained my fresh and saltwater fishing but was to lazy to jump the hoops to get my firearms until recently. Just was never to keen on running into my first deadly snake I think, but i suppose you got to be one with nature hey. I have been all over Australia for work (electrical) and holidays, and I def made a good decision to live in VIC. Over the 8yrs working all over the state I have seen some beautiful sights and barely seen half of it. Done more fishing than hunting but thats about to balance out. Looking forward to venturing into high country Vic. I will cut it off there, i tend to go on a bit lol, i have a few stories and have been on some hunts where i have had the opportunity to drop some animals (sambar mainly) and shared in the spoils of mates victories (Sambar tastes so good). Cant wait till my chosen quarry hits the deck. Much like fishing, the catch is just the icing on the cake. (unless the freezer is empty) See you on the fourms Regz .308 TIKKA T3 CTR BLUED/SYNTHETIC TRIJICON ACCUPOINT 3-9X40 MILDOT AMBER ATLAS BIPOD - LOVE IT!
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