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  1. Personally I've not noticed any receive issues regarding high gain. Not doubting your knowledge or experience, just I have a very undersized antenna spring on a 7.5db which normally sits at a good 45 degree angle when at hwy speeds (but has never been broken in the bush) and I can receive ok with it at that angle, but have trouble transmitting. I'm due to upgrade the radios in my car soon. Want a HF with auto tuner and a remote controlled fold down mechanism so I can drop the antennas flat along my bonnet when needed.
  2. + 1 for the Icom 400 Pro. Again they are up their in the price range, but they are worth the money. It's actually a commercial radio that's dumbed down to be a "CB". So it has 128 channels programable (with programming cable and dealers software, which I have for both the 400Pro and the 41), it's power selectable up to 25w (max legal is 5w for CB use, but in an emergency you won't get into trouble). It's default CB channels won't permit over 5w, but you can program normal channels on the CB freqs with the 25w option (just make sure you don't use it unless in an emergency). It has scan functions, stop scan on mic pick up (as long as you ground the mic holder), has options to connect relays to operate your car horn, dim its lights with your headlights or turn on with ignition (if powered directly from the battery rather then through the ignition circuit) etc. Both the 41 and 400 Pro can have basic and rolling encryption modules installed if you ever feel the need. You can program stun and kill modes into both radios so if someone steals it and is still in range of another radio you can send a selcal tone over the radio and it'll be disabled (I've never bothered). That selcal can also "call" your radio which if connected to your car horn will sound the horn. Could be useful for finding your car in the bush. A lot of radios can transmit selcal tones (selective calling), check with your radios manual. Ultimately, most radios on the market will transmit just as good as one another. The antenna makes a big difference on how it performs. 0db gain antennas transmit equally in all directions and are the "best" if in supper hilly country where you are 500m directly underneath one person and 500m horizontally from another, (distances are just examples). High gain antennas like 7db push the signal further out horizontally, but you lose the signal vertically. Meaning from hill top to hill top your'll have great distance (eg, 100km) but you might not be able to talk to the guy 500m directly down the hill from you unless you park your car on a steep angle (effectively pointing the antenna at him). Those numbers were plucked from my ..... and are extreme values, but it does help you understand the difference. Most people pick a 3.5db antenna for the hilly bush and that works ok, or you could run two antennas through an antenna selector. Just flip the switch to choose which antenna you require. One other thing I just noticed. In theory, if you have a 2w radio and your mate has a 5w, you should always be able to hear him first as the wattage doesn't effect your receiving capability. Antenna size does. Likewise if you have a low gain antenna and your mate has a high gain, you will hear him first as his transmission is being pushed out further then yours. (the gain doesn't really affect its receive capabilities).
  3. A few have scanner functions for outside the CB range if you like to listen in. The Icom 41 is actually 128 channel programmable (if you have the cable and dealer software). It's at the top of the price range, but the new model is waterproof to 1m and it's built tough. Mine lives in the car, I mounted the charger in the glove box so it's always ready to go. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Black Wolf make nice hiking packs. I have a Black Wolf Sierra 85 pack with detachable day pack and love it. Comfortable, plenty of room and pockets and it's top and front loading. Built in rain covers, the main straps pack away for use as airplane luggage etc. It was a couple of hundred (can't remember exact price), but that's pretty cheap and given the wear any tear I've put on the pack as a scout leader I can honestly say it's worth it. I've even strapped a heavy and long barreled rifle to that pack, as witnessed by the Gatta crew a couple of years back. Mystery Ranch has a very good name, but unless you are able to claim it back on tax, you might want to think twice about them. They do a good hunting line, but they do a lot of business selling packs to military personal. Sord is also a good name making military packs. I have a frame from them (cost $150) and love the frame. Will likely get the matching pack, but can't justify the extra $300 or so at the moment. Before you commit to buying a pack, I'd ask you how you intend to camp/hike with it. How often, what sort of gear you are taking etc.
  5. So that's what did it. And I thought I just farted too hard...
  6. I have a set of Merino Wool thermals (can't remember the brand, bought them in Aussie Disposals) and compared to my polypropylene the wool is warmer and retains there stretch. The poly's I have are all stretched out and loose now (not what you want in a thermal), but the wool is still going strong minus a couple of small holes. More expensive, but next time I need to buy more thermals I'm going for wool (also has the added benefit of being more fire resistant. Pretty handy because we can't wear synthetic clothing under our firefighting gear).
  7. I know EXACTLY what you mean. The newer CFA tankers have a remote controlled water cannon (monitor) on the front that is EXACTLY the same.
  8. I could show you all the knives I have, but that would take too long. Personally recommend TWO knives, one on the belt and one fixed blade. Normally for me that's my Leatherman (lost at Relay For Life, not handed in to lost property... so much for the good nature of people helping a charity) and a fixed blade field knife, either my Gerber or Moroka 30 (Similar to this knife, but without the hook). I normally keep a folding knife in my pack as well (making it three knifes). You never can have too many... Mind you, I work on the principal of a knife is a tool to be used in a survival situation. A good fixed blade should be able to hit with a rock or heavy lump of wood on the end of it etc. Folders are nice for the space they take up, but make sure it has a very study lock on it.
  9. I like to stand in the smoke of the fire to help with the scent. You can also rub in dirt and that'll help absorb UV light.
  10. My GPS and radio has been camo painted with matte paint, anything shiny can be taped up. There is a point however where it goes to far and you have to think practically. Not going to paint up my range finder and the only time it's "out on view" is when I'm taking a range. And then it's obscured by my hands and the most reflective part is the rounded lens which NEEDS to I could build up an anti-glare device for it, but really but the deer is that close to be worried about it. I don't need to use the range finder (I do have an anti-glare hood on my Rem700. You can look at it at the Gatta if you like).
  11. GPS hasn't changed much over the years. It will still work, but will be lacking a lot of features and won't have as good a reception. Turn it on, leave it outside for about 15 minutes and it'll connect to some satelites and download the new data set. From then on, it'll be able to connect and get a fix faster. Your modern mobile phone is actually becoming a better GPS then most GPS units are. My HTC can connect to BOTH the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS networks at the same time to get a better fix. Something that my Garmin GPS60 can't do. On the other hand, my Garmin is more weather proof, rugged and has a better battery life.
  12. A transmitter uses vastly more power then a receiver! Separate units with spare batteries for the GPS.
  13. "This software allows you to easily make private phone calls, send secure text messages and share files in caves, in subways, in the Outback, in Australia or Africa, in Europe or the United States -- even when cellular networks fail or are unavailable." https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.servalproject&hl=en I came across this and installed it, works for Android phones only at the minute and it did pop up a request for superuser access, but as I understand it you don't need your device to be Rooted. If you run the software, anyone can connect to your "wifi" and download the software from you and spread and build the network. It's designed for disaster zones and what not, but there's no reason it won't work in the Gatta for example. They are even making a low cost wifi range extender device and the networks can mesh together for longer distance communication. It's quite possible that we could build a range extended and install it on top of the phone home hill with a cellular connection and then use it to call home from the valley floor. (Or we could appreciate being in the bush completely disconnected from the modern world as we should be...)
  14. Not sure on the EXACT figures, but that sounds about right. One thing to remember is, 80% of the light you see down range is due to the design and quality of the reflector and lens. Is the LED designed to emit the light in such a way that the reflector/lens with expects the light shape from a say H4 globe? LED's also emit heat and need heat sinks, a 3.5w LED would need a decent size heat sink. So not a drop in replacement, but you'd only have to do it once assuming quality components.
  15. Spoke to him last night, said he was gentle on cleaning it up and there wasn't any engravings/markings. Will update him hopefully on Monday with the new info.
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