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  1. i just picked up a new wolf eyes defender III and couldnt wait to let it rip at night time the beam and spill are very good however i dont like the push/pull system for the light spread as it would get knocked out of your chosen preferance just before you shoot but then it is still very bright and i cant wait to get it out on the bunnies cheers
  2. just a querie on the ultafire as when you look at them on ebay the site says only to be used on airsoft rifles not on "real rifles" so what is the go? cheers
  3. i would go the 140 or 170 lightforce (i have the 240 for use out the back of the ute) as you can run a lead from it to a battery in a small back pack without getting a sore arm which i think you would get from that jaycar one just my 2 cents cheers
  4. the first one looks like a great rain catcher so i wouldnt use it when it hammers down although it doesnt do that enough lately cheers
  5. what are the australian army using now then? as i still have a pair from ten years ago when i was in cheers
  6. gday i have a garmin nuvi 310 (a little pricey) but comes with all the works and perks and having to travel interstate and get a hire car it has been very helpful until you travel through places like sydney and all the major roads are next to each other you lose reception in tunnels as i said in another post i went over the harbour bridge three times trying to get to the airport trying to avoid tolls (lesson learnt there) but i find it best in the suburbs or longer trips my two cents cheers
  7. i thought the same thing i told the wife that about two grand should see me right to get two rifles but like a woman in a clothes store i changed my mind a few times and spent 3 1/2 grand and now she has let me get two air rifles but i still keep on about getting a shotty that i am sure will happen but dont know when yet so in short wanted two will end up with five cheers
  8. I went halves with my old man a just over a year ago an a 10-15 gun Foxsafe was about $600 + a few bolts to put it in so just over $300.00 and then I had to but a smaller one for my place as a transit safe. i hope you are not sharing the safe with your dad i know here in sa it illegal to have guns in a safe that are owned by more than one person because you have access to someone elses firearms unless you have written permmision from the owner or if for more than ten days you need to fill out a pta type form from the police station even a husband and wife cannot share a gun safe if the guns are in different names in short one safe one owner cheers
  9. just imagine being in Pilbara region of WA and putting spinifex in loops and bobbing down - scrub cattle/camels would walk right over the top of ya i'd imagine. just hope they dont stop to drop of a little of their own camoflage with added scent cheers
  10. thats some nice work you done there and i think you have more patience than i to make that up just a thought though if you sew strips of cloth (ends only) to make little flat loops on the shirt etc then as a piece of hessian wears out you only need to re-tie a new piece to it instead of sewing it on hope that makes sense cheers
  11. i also have a lightforce 240 and with any spotty there is the good and the bad the good they are very light have an excellent beam the beam is adjustable from spot to flood cost about $155.00 6 months ago i can go on for ages the bad if you dont put a filter cover on (clear or coloured) the wind as you drive can make it hard to hold steady hence you can get a mount for it as you asked it could do with a longer cord thats my 2 cents cheers
  12. I've used a Lightforce 240 Blitz in the past,.... very light to hold for the size, but that BIG reflector gets easily blown around. High wind drag co-efficient. yeah what drew said sorry for the confusion thanks for clearing that up drew cheers I can now sleep at night Gunner only if the wind has picked up while i am trying to point my spotty at ya cheers
  13. gday i am about an hour south of adelaide married with two kids fairly new to hunting but spent 10 yrs in the army reserve (transport) and i really enjoyed the range time shooting targets and wanted to keep my eye in so started hunting with my brother inlaw (bushy243) be interested to see how many hunters use this site from sa cheers
  14. I've used a Lightforce 240 Blitz in the past,.... very light to hold for the size, but that BIG reflector gets easily blown around. High wind drag co-efficient. yeah what drew said sorry for the confusion thanks for clearing that up drew cheers
  15. i have a lightforce 240 (handheld) and all though the light from it is fantastic it does however get affected by the wind as you are driving around the paddocks need to get a cover on it and it will be sweet cheers
  16. olga13

    Aus Spit

    does the motor have a weight limit on how much it can turn? and the support pole the other end would work a treat i reckon i just had tea and the sight of that make me feel hungry again good stuff mate well done cheers
  17. when i was in the army 8 yrs ago they not long changed the rat packs and i thought they were pretty good especially if you got time to heat them up still got one in the cuboard not going to use it though but it would still be edible doesnt take long to boil water and then just add cheers
  18. i have an eva cool the same as bushy on a fridge slide so the wife can reach out a coldy for me and her and we have no complaints runs like a treat
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