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  1. Deer hunters can never get enough - Go get em!!!. ADA Melbourne branch has a branch hunt soon. If you want some company PM me for details
  2. Hi Tony. You live in a great part of our country mate. visited a cattle station up there with a mate and enjoyed the deer hunting. Lot of stuff to learn on here. Just remember there is not such thing as stupid question- Just stupid answers- lol Happy hunting mate
  3. Hi sthnbelle welcome to the site. what deer do you chase. The North East covers a few species on top of our favorite sambar.
  4. Welcome Sirusa interesting to hear of deer management from overseas or even from state to state here. Victoria has some of the best deer hunting with a range of deer able to be taken making us one of the best kept secrets in the world in some ways. Getting your licenses, permit and rifle is relatively straight forward. Finding the perfect place to hunt takes a little more effort. The ADA has a Property based game management program which got me started. You might like to start by joining the Australian Deer Association http://www.austdeer.com.au or the SSAA deer stalkers club. http://www.ss
  5. *** when I'm a great hunter**** we are all hoping to get that way welcome to the forum Kelly, get down to the range to get started is a god option. http://ssaavic.com.au/SSAA.php?id=127 Like your ideas on not wasting any part of the animal- When you want to step up to a deer visit either an ADA (details http://www.austdeer.com.au/index.php) meeting or the ssaa deerstalkers (link http://www.ssaavic.com.au/SSAA.php?id=100) . This could save some time as one skin would make a bed spread but it might be a little heavy. are you looking at a .17hmr or similar rifle to start? Best of luck.
  6. HI Scotty I got the T3 in a 300wsm- groups very well. how does your 308 handle. I had a few issues wih it until I tamed the recoil http://aushunt.com.au/Forum/index.php?show...0&hl=300wsm Are you a ADA member? Regards Pracman
  7. Hi James- from James- lol have a 300wsm and hunt deer as well (tikka)- lol. My nick name for myself is the weakest link ( in my deer stalking - lol) Want to come to a A.D.A. meeting and meet some other deer hunters? I picked up a lot from the ada which might be usefull to you.
  8. Good luck GTAC I got my second two weeks ago. About twenty - thirty days stalking with 2 deer in the bag now. It is hard work, Seeing sign is great- getting Warm, Getting Honked is cool- getting hotter but when you get yours the feeling is outstanding. Good Luck James aka Pracman ADA Melb branch.
  9. Hi Roar Deer hunting maps on the DSE website give you a bit of a guide. Have a look at http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/DSE/nrenrt.nsf/L...A256DEA00241987 or http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/DSE/nrenrt.nsf/c...750023D375?open for non deer game Farms are great for foxes and rabbits but you have to spend the time to find people who will allow you to shoot on there property. The SSAA and field and game would be good clubs for general hunting and tha Australian Deer Association for Deer. MInd you deer hunting is the TOUGH and Hard hunting where you may not shoot a bullet more than a few times a year. If you
  10. Good on you Verminator- get dad to get you a membership with the SSAA or Field and Game and you might be able to turn a few foxes into some great prizes via the FOXSTOP (see http://www.ssaavic.com.au/foxstop/login.php) .
  11. G'day- James from Doncaster. a few hunts and attended a few culls with the ADA. Also a member of the SSAA. 2 hinds one last year and one on the weekend up at Buller. Love stalking and time in the bush espcially if it is out of bloody mobile phone range- lol Fit and happy to acknowledge I am "the weakest link" in 'my' hunting. Noise, moving too fast or not sitting still for long enough have seen me get honked or barked at but happily I am learning. I think all hunters and shooters and especailly all shooting and hunting organizations need to work and take actions together to avoid us being s
  12. HI From Vic- Doncaster Giday all. James Bishop from Doncaster - fishing in WA was 2 good and my efforts or lack of success fishing here in Vic made me take up a new challenge Stalking Sambar. I have now got 2 hinds in the bag. I joined the Australian Deer Association Melb Branch and SSAA. Just got back from a ADA branch hunt near Mount Buller where I bagged another hind and enjoyed being honked or seeing four other deer. Regards JB
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