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  2. Im in the process of getting a pair of 10x50 Vixens. Anyone had any experience with them? i reckon you need 2 pairs of binos myself. The old mans 8x50 swaros are unbeatable to any other glass i have put them next too.. Light gathering and field of view are the real sellers in my mind. When your bush stalking you tend to use them more with the greater field of view..and hunt a bit longer with that extra light gathering ability. Tho the 8x isnt good enough when glassing bigger country and assessing trophy animals. Thats where i reckon u need a second pair of 16x. Not cheap but if your serious about your hunting it would be worth it. ..
  3. am looking into one myself. How much for the 8x42 leicas mate? (pm if u want)
  4. i would recommend using a bipod for long shots. I dont use mine when sambar hunting as 90% of the shots are within 50 meters. If you plan on taking long shots definitely use it. I missed a good fallow buck 3 weeks ago from 40 meters with a bipod. Gettin my rifle bedded and floated soon.
  5. G'day, I recently moved to Wollongong from Albury (border nsw and vic) I have hunted sambar most of my active life and also get out on the reds and fallow when i find some spare time on the Sambar....Hunting opportunity in the gong seems to be slim. So looks like ill be just filming for the rest of my uni degree life
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