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    Hunting deer. Photography. Fishing. Duck hunting.

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  1. I have a EXO 4800. Game changer for me. I have only done half a dozen trips with it packing 18kg + rifle and it is almost faultless. I have yet to pack any meat yet. I might do a proper review after the gatta trip.
  2. shane

    My Knife Collection

    Moroka 30 knife Grant
  3. Pay the kids to pick them out. Mine charged me 50 cents a leg.......until they realized there was better money helping mum in the house
  4. shane

    What Knife?

    Although it hasn't got a gut hook its got everything else. Aussie company too. $130 rrp. My next fathers day pressy
  5. Yep. No. Have a look in the trail cam forum. http://www.aushunt.com.au/Forum/index.php?showforum=30
  6. shane

    Don't know what to say

  7. Lovely stag you just took mate.

  8. Try here. http://www.whitetailsupply.com/ Also have a look at the trail cam threads on ozdeer.com. Heaps of info there.
  9. Haha once again I'm the first to comment!

  10. If where talking sambar country then turn the phone off when you leave the black top. It won't work unless your up very high anyway. Xavie I go hunting to get away from work and family. Last thing I want is my ac/dc ringtone going off as I line up on a 30" stag!!!
  11. Hi all Im from north east vic & love sambar!
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