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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro, anyone got one ?


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Picked up this scope recently as I needed night vision, like the features of the ballistic calculator and video capture etc, have gone through a lot of ammo(quality 22lr Eley CCI) working out how to use this scope and its features and making it reliably accurate, documentation is very brief, had to work a lot of things out myself, have a pretty accurate rig now(Tikka T1X 22lr) @ <90m but I still have questions about ballistic calc settings that the ATN forums aren't helping with.


Here's a vid which captured bullet flight to rabbit, original was 120fps, this is slowed and zoomed, doesn't always capture bullet in flight needs to have sun in the right spot to reflect on bullet.


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Yeah price is not bad, wish we could get the good thermal stuff out of the US though, even if it is very pricey !

Night vids are not as good, it won't do 120fps in night mode only 60fps and the detail of NV isn't as good, I think there is very little chance of catching bullet flight at night...

Going into digital zoom also reduces quality, below a shot I took off the knee at 50m with full zoom.



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Ok after using the scope for ~2 months now I think it might be a bit hit and miss ! literally !

I have pretty much confirmed that the scope has lost zero 2 times I can confirm, missed rabbits one night where the night before it was laying them down every shot, shot some targets few days later and its was shooting low and left by ~70-80mm, same sorta thing happen first week I got it but I put that down to not knowing how to use the scope and its ballistic calc properly.

There was a ~15 degree C drop in temp between the 2 nights mentioned above if that has anything to do it, other commonly reported issue this scope has is it locks up occasionally, much less after last firmware update but will do it once every other night, have to hold power button down for 15sec to turn it off then back.

Lots of complaints on-line about ATN products, lots say the new Xsight 4k pro is a big improvement over older stuff but still has its issues, one common thing is people say the mount it comes with is crap...which it is, and may be responsible for zero holding issues. ATN themselves and their forums are no help to questions about problems it seems...

Have re-zero'd scope now, with 22lr ELEY Sub hollows I can put 3/5 group through same hole and have a 5c piece spread, @ 90m can have a 20c spread with occasional wind affected flyer out 30mm, will shoot targets again tomorrow and see.

I really like the ballistic calculator after playing with settings, ballistic coefficient(round is .115, have it set to .18) and Velocity(round is 317m/s have it set too 320m/s) its sight in at 50m and ballistic calc does the rest to set 90m POI with-in 5-10mm

Will update post with my findings soon, if anyone is thinking of buying one, maybe wait !


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