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New product. Jacket variation.

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Here's our new product available from today. A variation on our CYA fleece jacket. This one is longer and has a zip off hood. Two inside breast pockets and the side zip pockets are lower making it very comfortable for those who like to keep their hands in their pockets.







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4 hours ago, SamHuntVic said:

How are they going Gryph? These new ones are a little longer than yours, I don't think they would suit on the bike.


Being longer could only be better for those late arvo sits or the wet bush walks imo.

I`m glad we got those  hoods done at the time.

Very happy with mine, why else would i buy two lol, they are a daily wear  here in the bush, on foot, bike, ute, Kubota and I will add that the  SIL loves his.


PM inbound.



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