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  3. Hi i like hunting & fishing.(from NSW) look forward to contributing to the forum. G
  4. New hunter in the SW of Victoria. Here to get hints tips. Will be starting with a .223 mainly for foxes. CHeers GH
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  6. G’day, born and bred in WA, reside in the Central West. enjoy all forms hunting, though mainly spot and stalk/fox whistling these days. cheers Boomer
  7. Hello everyone here! I'm from Belarus, hunter with 7 years experience. Prefer duck and hare hunting. Whant to know about it in Australia.
  8. Hello from Texas, just looking around to learn a bit about the Australian hunting culture!
  9. Hello. I’m from eastern Vic, I’m into abit of everything. Always like learning about the latest gadgets and calibers.
  10. Greeetings and Salutations, Thank you for the opportunity to say hello. I've been an avid shooting enthusiast most of my life. Enjoy target shooting mostly now-a-days and reloading to keep the costs down and my score up 🙂 Hope to bump into a few of you in the forum. Cheers
  11. G'day, I,m from South Sydney, just wanted to say hi and yes i just got my R licence, Looking forward to meeting some new friends and hitting some forest's in the next few weeks. Cheers James
  12. Got my R licence and keen to learn all I can about hunting Deer in particular
  13. G’day from the Sunshine Coast - I’ve been wanting to get into bowhunting for a long time and I’ve been practicing archery recently. Finally starting to take the first steps and hope to be out in the bush soon. Cheers
  14. Hi, Looking at getting into bow hunting as well
  15. Hello New to Sydney. Got licences now just need to sort out equipment and where to go. Cheers
  16. Hi All, I'm from Townsville NQ have been Hunting in 1 form or another since "87"
  17. Gday All. Looking to learn more about hunting in QLD. Andrew
  18. Hello, I'm 43 live in Newcastle Hunter area and interested in recurve hunting. I have little to no experience. There is a local 3D outdoor club close that I will join when there back for this yr. I'm looking at the Bear Grizzly traditional recurve bow. I joined this site to get help and info on hunting for and oreparing food with a bow. Regards Melody
  19. Hi all, I'm from South western Sydney been hunting for 8 years I try to get away as much as possible with a few mates doing most of my hunting out Griffith way and cowra. Happy hunting!
  20. Hey all, Just beginning to getting into shooting and keen to learn as much as I can !
  21. G'day from Port Stephens. I love the challenge of state forest hunting. I've seen plenty of animals but haven't got that stag. Chomping at the bit to put some clucks under the belt this year for the fallow rut and alpine vic backpacking. Owner of a GS Pointer who loves to scent. Respect the animals and go hard!
  22. Good day. Ex South African looking for decent hunting advice on local South Australian hunting properties. Been very keen to get into hunting down under in the great straya but its been a daunting task. Looking for some great advice to get my hunting game back into action.
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