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  3. Hey guys, from Sydney Mainly a state forest hunter, love my deer hunts, meeting the locals and having a relaxing time away from the city 👍 Thought I’d join this as you can never have too much knowledge
  4. Check it here Rosso https://samhuntvic.com.au/product/woodleigh-products/ and then click the Woodleigh link. Excellent straight line penetration on heavy animals like buffalo and scrub bulls. Sambar usually pull up straight away with these. No special trick to loading just follow the Woodleigh data. Grant.
  5. I’ve got all the questions Sam. I’ve heard you guys talk about them before but not looked into it. What are the advantages or situations where they work better?
  6. As always, if you have any questions ask away.
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  8. yeh i just used me dremel an grinder disc to cut the slot deeper an i think it will work.
  9. G'day i'm Anthony. New to hunting. I wanted to get into bowhunting and look for clubs in the Northcote region. Open to any suggestion on where to start!
  10. Hello all Thomas here from Brisbane, QLD, I'm 30, never owned a Gun until now and I only shoot targets at the moment, have a 22LR and am about to buy a .223REM, I want to do Hunting but never have; I've joined AUSHUNT to start learning about it all and hopefully develop some connections to people and places that will allow me to start the Adventure that I've heard hunting is Thomas
  11. G'day Im from St Coast NSW and like to Hunt anything anywhere as often as I can.
  12. Howzit going. Luke here, From Mackay QLD, not new to shooting but new to hunting. Looking for any advice on hunting pests, how to track and what is the best conditions to hunt pigs. any information is great.
  13. Hi, I am from York western Australia. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can ever take a handgun home from the club. I'm in western Australia. Cheers.
  14. Hello everyone, I am from North of Sydney. A newbies for hunting. Hopefully can find friends to learn and hunt together
  15. Nite Site eagle for Sale. Great for bunny busting and those pesky foxes. A great bit of Kit and in great condition with a handy box to house it in. $1000 well under RRP.
  16. Great initiative Hilly. Well done.
  17. Heres a Vid, the Winners schit and its in the Post should be ther anyday thanks to the Forward posting. Thanks again Stu, cheers all for the offers. HD
  18. Rightio gents update on this. PArcels have arrive, from AH member and also Ebay, so now have Head to toe pack for the lad. a Blaze orange Wide brimmed hat camo face veil/mask X2 (one for his mate who posted photo) a Camoflauge long sleeve shirt a pair of Camo ridgeline pants I'l be able to send them off most likely Tomorow or Wednesday Thanks
  19. Hey yo, another hunter and shooter here. Looking forward to building up learning curve with you all. Cheers, M
  20. Afternoon all, Living in Central QLD, worked with guns in my previous career but have now got the hunting bug. Just need to double my income to afford more gear and find a property over run with slow moving game a friendly farmer wants taken care of.
  21. Hi all, I'm from Goulburn and do a bit of bow and rifle hunting.
  22. Hi. Looking forward to getting my longarms licence and learning to hunt. Not sure what the NSW waiting time is like for new licences?
  23. Edwin from inner west suburbs of Adelaide, pretty new to hunting (did a little bit when I was a kid) and looking forward to going to firing ranges soon.
  24. Hi all, from Western Sydney. Been interested in hunting for the longest time from the sidelines and finally looking to do this properly. Looking at figuring out the best assoc to join and get my license etc.
  25. Hi Brisbane based Slowly getting back into hunting and shooting after work and life got in the way
  26. Hey I'm Ned. Keen to get involved! Cheers
  27. Hard to measure fleece thickness so I'll just have to say it's lightweight. It's not double thickness anywhere. Just a step up from the NTS shirt. You would need at least your grey shirt underneath. Grant. Grant.
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