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  1. I was looking at the exo's last month, but couldnt find a supplier in Australia, maybe I wasn't looking that hard
  2. I'm after a framed backpack,needs to hold a rifle. Half decent. Or a decent hunting pack If any one see's them tomorrow, boxing day sales online, can you post up. Please.
  3. Sometimes I think my exped is a 3/4 mat. You be nuts down grading a sleeping bed. A bad nights sleep just magnifies any small issue you come across
  4. I agree, what you get for $250 smackers is a bargain. $500 abit rich. $250 well spent just to entertain yourself watching a non rino users face and story around a campfire about how annoying the roger beep is
  5. Are these 700's black and white? Do they show contour lines, creeks, rivers, roads etc or is it, your mates over there in that direction
  6. I know a spot, but im sure you traversed that area pretty well going round in circles.
  7. The nice merino robin hoods do go on, if its bloody cold. Quick drying, warm, less wait, less water retention. Do the miles get the smiles Wonder how many aboriginals got speared or boomerang'd while wearing kangeroo skin camo when group hunting native animals
  8. I normaly hunt in footy shorts, but if i need pockets, plumbers shorts are the bomb. I still reckon skin is the least noisey material going around
  9. Sign on your dash, saying you have already been filmed. Any damage to vehicle, video of you and damage to vehicle will be posted to social media to get your name. Think b4 you act
  10. Imagine watching tv in 1080"diamondbacks" then watching a 4k tv"swaros", you can watch both but 4k is way better. Diddnt matter what we compared it was the same. Another thing he mentioned with the swaros. It seems that very little adjustment was needed to get a clear picture from close up to out to a 1000m? Diamond backs had to keep swinging the wheel
  11. We both agreed that you couldnt glass all day with the diamondbacks due to eye strain.
  12. You were talking about comparing binos. I dont use binos but got 10x42 diamondbacks, last week i had the chance of comparing my mates 8x30? Swaros. Sitting on the roofrack side by side glassing a few hills at different distant. The comparison between the 2 I put down as mine were 1080 and his were 4k. Interesting what i saw between $400 and 2g? Binos. Wonder where the maven sit between price and quality between the other 2 mentioned brands
  13. I recommend rino750, same platform as the 64sc, and the ebay topo maps.
  14. I would look at V4 to buy, the one thats not circled
  15. Version 3, version 5. Thinking out loud, Version 5 might have encryption loaded onto map etc. Thats why its not working
  16. Maybe try v3? Im assuming v5 will be updated phone numbers etc
  17. Pick another ebay seller for maps. Few people running the 650 and those maps work on them
  18. A oversized sharpened boomerang to take back to texas to hunt moose with. Probably the only time you can walk around with a knife on you is when your out fishing or hunting in the field. Its a no go to have a knife on you in the city, police do spot checks
  19. Another good fire starter is your latex pillow, keep some of that in your back pack. Quick spark from your flint and goes up in flames pretty quick
  20. Just reading yours duncs, bought back some memories of mine. Many a trip of mine with a battery powered sabre saw in back pack, finally used that and never again, Joe remember the beer I bought in on the backpack hunt, tasted great while reliving your first stag story you got and the load of wood in the bag. Anyway I've lightened up now and hunt in loose light fitting clothing in all weather. Gps, PLB,knife,rope,pillowcase,water,food, 4 rounds,phone
  21. My doctor said, Play Xbox for thumb therapy and you dont relise how how much you use your thumb till something happens to it
  22. Ha ha what a great topic to be started from this topic show us the knife wounds
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