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  1. Big binos over 7.5 inches long duncs, you can test the pouch at the gatta to see if they fit
  2. They will have a run on these in the next couple of days, you should get a kick back
  3. I've been thru old post, I like the s4 lockdown, where can I buy them locally or online. Seems like cabelas is overseas. And of course I need it before the gatta trip What else do you guys use and recomend if I've overlooked a harness, needs to hug body and easy to access
  4. Maybe duncs isn't into blondes
  5. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=261135650487 This is the one I'm using. I use this in the swag in the snow
  6. I heard top deer hunters pick up deer scat and massage it into their gear, apparently hides your smell and camos the gear. I guess it's catch 20 2? Why they wash the gear. Any advantage is good advantage ?
  7. I'm wondering if they had their uhf power on .5w. Duncs you've been complaining about this noise now for three years, this year at the gatta your going to let me hear this noise. beep The rinos update when you talk not at random minute intervals. beep I'm with gibbo as well, the rechargeable rino batterie will last a weekend of hunting and longer. My 62s would get one day from two double A batteries if I was lucky
  8. Run your batteries down in both seperate units their gone as well, invalid point my opinion
  9. I think the deal happens about twice a year. Altona hunter might know more when these go on sale, I just did a Google search but nothing popped up Tigers win 2015 AFL Grand Final
  10. Can of worms here, just get a rino 650 and them buy topo maps off eBay, people who use them rave about them, I'm one two. The minions who don't have the rino complain about them. The rino uses the same interface as the 62s but way better. I do own both units and rino wins And wait till the rino goes on special at 2for1 deal of $600 and get other mate to go halves
  11. Where are you, I've got a tent here in Se vic, used 3 times in 3 years, haven't used it in 1.5 yrs. Coleman timber top geo 6 cv
  12. In high school, the metal work class/teacher would let students make " letter openers". Some " letter openers" were about that size and bigger I'm wondering if it's a high school project some years back, might explain the rust by using lower grade metals
  13. Yep I'm with the gopro, about $800 tho, that's. Getting other mounts and batteries sd card, etc Mines mounted with the bull bar mount to scope. Most places will sell accessories for gopro, other cameras will be hit and miss. Other good point to look at, what are other people around you using. Ie if battery's flat, use some ones charger
  14. It just needs a electric blanket and it be real sweat
  15. Good thing with topo maps, you can look up local shops, like pizza and get phone number off gps.
  16. Buy the topo map off eBay now, won't regret it
  17. Geoff, the handles magic
  18. Hey joe, What about pink camo, my doughter won't touch anything green camo,
  19. Rhino 650. Pin points your mates on the map as well, UHF as well. What ever you get in a gps, make sure it can run the topo maps. I also have the garman 62s like gafloss. The rhino is the same plus more. Both great units, I find the 62s runs two batteries for a day and the rhino uses rechargables which last two days
  20. Wow just googled it. It's black, it's ribbed, got a big knob and it's waterproof and duncs your never home. Battery's are flat my guess
  21. Maybe Sally has flattened the battery's using the torch when your not home
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