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  1. I can highly recommend a Jetbeam RRT2 Raptor from www.ledtorchshop.com.au. It runs on either 2 CR123 or 1 18650 batteries. My Dad and brother both have the EagleTac T20C2 and the Jetbeam outperforms them. My brother in law has a wolf eyes Defender 260 and whilst it has a better throw I simply cannot get used to the square shaped beam. Cheers Bushy
  2. I have a Jetbeam RRT-2 Raptor, which is an awesome torch, slightly brigter than the Eagletac P20C2 mk III. I am yet to mount it to my rifle but I have no doubt that it will perform brilliantly. My brother in law has a wolfeyes sniper 260 which is marginally brighter than the jetbeam but nearly double the cost. Cheers Bushy
  3. BlackBear, what do you use as an EDC ? Cheers Bushy
  4. Nice collection Black Bear, Can you post some of your knife collection, especially your choice for EDC's ? Cheers Bushy
  5. IMHO 1st Nikon 2nd Canon I have both one is an SLR the other is PAS. Both have their Pro's and Con's the only thing I can suggest is buy the best you can afford and buy the biggest card you can get Cheers Bushy
  6. G'day Fellow Croweaters, Good to see a lot of on this excellent website. I have been hunting since I was a little tacker ( with my Dad and his mates ) so I guess its in my blood. I regularly go shooting with my brother in law ( aka Olga13 ) and we usually have a great time even if we don't shoot much ! Also like Olga13 I live in the outer Southern Suburbs with my wife and 3 children. My kids have a great time on the farm and like them being able to have fun without the need for Computer games and the like. It also teaches them that food doesn't just come from a store. Cheers Bushy Time for a Coopers and Go the POWER !!!!
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I will go with the Benchmade as I can carry it with me anywhere and they are superb quality. I have a couple of Victorinox butchers knives that I use at home I might get some to put in a knife roll for bigger game. Cheers. Bushy
  8. Leatherman Charge, superb quality it will not let you down !!
  9. G'Day Everyone, I was wondering what sort of knives people use for general hunting ? I have always preferred folding knives to fixed blades and I am in the market for a new knife. I am currently leaning towards a Benchmade Griptilian or a Spyderco. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Bushy
  10. I have been using Rossi hiking boots for over 20 years, I'm on my third pair now, excellent value for money and Australian made, how could you go wrong. Cheers Bushy
  11. Hi Camilla, I own an Engel and an EvaKool, both are excellent fridges but the Evakool is better value for money. The only real advantage that the Engel has is that it has 240v and 12v on bord without having to use an external power supply. The Engel is a 40l fridge or freezer. The Evakool is a 40l fridge and 20l freezer. The bottom line is what suits your needs best and what gives you the best value for money. Cheers. ((0))
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