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  1. Rossi


    Yes I don't go out bush without out it. Mine isn't very compact as I only use the one out of my boat but if I got stuck it would do the same job.
  2. We use 12mm chippy with 4 screws through from the back to push the corners of your target onto if it is really windy we mormal have a few milk bottle tops floating around, they go over the screws and hold the targets tighter to the wood. They are right it does make a fare mess on the range but ours gets burnt one a year and that takes care of it.
  3. Has anyone out there had much sucess with clip on filters for feral cats? I shoot a few on one of the propertys that I go to but they seem to be spooked really easy and fly off into the scrub the only way to shoot them now is maglite and the shotty. Which is great fun to but it would be nice to use the 223 from some distance.
  4. Hi All, Im a keep shooter from Bunbury in the southwest will go hunting for what ever. Joined to hear what other hunters are up to and what they are using. Hear you soon
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