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  1. whats your plans for the gatta trip in?  I'm headed in friday

    1. Waza


      Saturday morning at the moment Nath, spending friday night at a friends in Myrtleford 

  2. Waza

    G'day from - NSW

    welcome aboard ! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Waza

    G'day from - NSW

    G'day & welcome to the forum Hammo. I get up your way and hunt the state forests its a slice of heaven up there. If you are into deer hunting you should have a look at the wonnangatta hunt thread & come along if you can get a pass out. Cheers Waza
  4. Waza

    G'day from - NSW

    G'day people, I live in the rural north west of Sydney and recently started shooting & hunting which was a very fond childhood pastime. Didn't stop hunting just been using fishing lines or spearguns instead. Just got my R licence and researching the state forest opportunities now available to us, not everyone has access to a private property to hunt on. I am looking forward to perusing the forums and digesting your knowledge and opinions ! Cheers Waza