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  1. Tier Gear in Tassie make quilts and for a hammock , you need and under quilt and a top quilt to be comfortable. You can use the quilts if tent camping too, they’re light and versatile , having both covers it all imo Cheers Waz
  2. Waza

    Feild Knife Position

    Now you know how to keep a clown in suspense ?????
  3. Waza

    Feild Knife Position

    Folder in my pocket and fixed blade in my pack I used to wear a knife on my belt but now prefer the above Cheers waz
  4. whats your plans for the gatta trip in?  I'm headed in friday

    1. Waza


      Saturday morning at the moment Nath, spending friday night at a friends in Myrtleford 

  5. Pivotel is the place to check out the best subscriptions - read the Ts & Cs They have great specials until the end of the month. make sure you check out each options global coverage !! Cheers Waz
  6. They are a great idea, I wish they would update them with a new model . I have heard on the bush telegraph that they are not making them anymore 8-(
  7. Sounds like a old dial up internet modem or just old fashioned garble ?
  8. Abelas in Sydney has the Hunters Element XTR gear on sale check out the website
  9. Ok Picked up the hunters element XTR jacket and pants from Abelas $380 Saved about the same amount as this is old stock and the new season stuff is now in store ! All good to go now ;-) Cheers Waz
  10. I'm in the process of replacing my ridge line mallard jacket and pants, I want something breathable and maybe with vents. I get hot when on the move and don't want to sweat if avoidable. I have my close layers sorted so shells are an option. Not worried about extremely wet conditions just what we get here in OZ. Cheers Waza
  11. Just buy your steel from Sandvik, best quality steel, grades and HT info all available.
  12. welcome aboard ! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Chased a double six point buck all week but not a clear shot for long enough to put him down humanely. Saw heaps of hinds, a few other bucks with smaller heads too. Definitely going back mate I learned heaps over the week.
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