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  1. Top job mate and good blade shape. If you're going to get into a bit of knife making there's a couple of Aussie websites you should look at as far as materials etc go, both good mobs to deal with...... https://nordicedge.com.au/.....https://www.artisansupplies.com.au/
  2. That's a very sharp price. I've ordered one, very interested to see if they work on chital, I think they should.
  3. I think I'll just stick to Stoney Creek gear and some of that is expensive enough for made in China stuff, the QA must be pretty good though.
  4. The lockdown affects different people in different ways...?? And as Rosso said "Be careful on the wedding night!," don't hug it too tightly.
  5. Wolf Eyes Dingo rechargeable.
  6. I see Magnum Sports have Leupold Acadia 10x42 binos for $405.00.
  7. Thank fellas, that might give me some encouragement to do some more, I'll have to get a different colour than red G10 for the scales, although it makes easier to find them.
  8. Yes mate, except the one with the maroon micata scales is made from a shoeing rasp.
  9. Some that I made last year, finish is a bit rough but they're meant to be used, not looked at.
  10. For Havalon knives have a look at My link I see they've got the Havalon Piranta Edge for $66.00 and the Piranta Z for $60.00 both come with 12 blades.
  11. Lazy, As gryphon said, have a look at cabelas website, heaps to choose from.
  12. I tried a demo model Nirey sharpener at the butcher supplies shop this morning. While it was good on the thin bladed knives such as Swibos etc, I couldn't use it on my Rat Cutlery RC4 because the blade was too thick to go into the slot where the sharpening wheels are, so back to the stone or Lansky type sharpener.
  13. I'm toying with the idea of buying a Nirey electric knife sharpener. Has anyone used one and are they worth the money? They're about $140-$150 at the local butchers supplies.
  14. Hi all, Just found this site, my passion is hunting deer of any sort, both with rifle and camera. Looks to be a very interesting site.
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