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  2. Hi all, Sydney based and getting back into shooting after almost 30 years. Grew up shooting in my teens at family properties near Coonabarabran but drifted away from it after school finished. Really look at getting into deer/goats and other meats to fill the freezer and eat clean. Hopefully there is a wealth of experience in this forum I can call on. cheers Andrew
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  4. Hi all, I’m on the mid north coast. Relatively new to shooting/hunting, look forward to learning a bit on here 🍺
  5. G’day folks, Im James from Melbourne, keen to spend more time in the hills and hopefully make it to the infamous gatta trip one of these days!
  6. Hi aushunt members. Coming from the riverina traveling to the high contry chaising sambar with a 7mm mag still fresh to sambar Have found deer just havnt landed one yet. Here to find advice. Cheers
  7. Gday guys. My name is Reuben. I run a Tikka T3 .270w, a Ruger American .22lr, and a Beretta 686 shotgun. I also have a Martin Jaguar takedown recurve that is gathering dust. Interested in backpack hike hunts for deer in the mountains, fox and rabbit control shooting. I am a career chef for the last decade, now making the switch to building. Just moved back to Victoria after 6 years in the NSW Snowy Mountains.
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  9. Hi I am new to the site, from vic like fine rifles and custom built ones love hunting, the mountains and most will places where vehicles cannot go
  10. Hi all 5 Years experienced hunter, mainly state forest hunting looking for deer and pigs
  11. Hiya, Living in Melbourne with my rods and my rifles. Hoping to learn more about game management.
  12. Hi, Dave here from Melbourne. I'm into hiking and camping, and have set myself the challenge of learning how to hunt, kill and pack out a deer, so I'm here to increase my knowledge in all those areas.
  13. G'day from NSW, live in the Central west, love the bush, get out as much as I can. cheers
  14. Hi Guys , From Newcastle , hunt nundle and boggabri areas . thanks for the add .Longshot
  15. Hello all, i have done a lot of competitive 22lr and enjoy hunting also. I am just getting into centrefire and have a savage 10fp in 223 and am building a custom 20 practical.
  16. G'day - I live in the ACT, from FNQ, loving the cold but 🤙
  17. Gday, Im Dave, I hope to get info on pig and deer hunting. I’d like to share info on cooking game also.
  18. Gday guys new to hunting and keen to get into and pick up some tips along the way!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Welcome mate, There's a handful of you lucky buggers from up north here. Chuck some stories and pics up in the hunting section.
  20. Gday from Darwin interested to know if there are many other people out there in the NT area in walking and stalking the pigs and buff. cheers 🤙
  21. Hi all! Complete rookie hunter here, looking to get a bunch of information before I work out whether this is something I want to put time and money into! Live in SW Sydney, and have access to a rural property of a mate of mine that has goats, pigs and rabbits on it!
  22. Hi Everyone Enjoy hunting Feral game, (mainly pigs with the ol 30-30) enjoy going to the range for a bit of plinking.
  23. Greetings everyone relatively new to hunting but just love any excuse I can have to enjoy the great outdoors. Great to learn from other peoples experience.
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