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  1. I'm up at Eildon a fair bit with samhuntvic around Eildon Jamison road. I'm in narre Back to the campsite for a BBQ and a beer with tall tales and high hopes for next week
  2. Anaconda price beat by 10% on snowys, got my black wolf sierra bloody cheap as snowys had it on 60% off sale. I did the same with the black wolf tent do abit of home work and you can save a fair amount by price beating
  3. Check out snowys outdoors online and try and price match
  4. Yep, he came for a cuddle at night, then the missus came to your tent at night to give him back, I think she was sick of being licked I think your mates that came up, are my neighbours from narre warren,
  5. G'day Jake, have you got a staffy named petrol?, lol
  6. I packed 9 beers last backpack hunt, shared between 3, we all agreed they went down a treat after slogging around those hills. PLB would be another thing to look at getting and keeping in the bag
  7. The plus is to big and heavy for a weekend trip, quick and easy get the 300
  8. This one https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/361046722792 Make sure it's the heavy tent, not the lite
  9. I bought a Coleman one, looks similar, easy to put up, easy to pack up, flimsy in the wind, the knuckles break, that's what warranty is for. If your going camping 4 times a year with young kids running around, get it If your going camping a lot I would get a black wolf version when on sale, way more coin but worth every penny for better quality
  10. Join the rino 650 clan, see where your hunting partner is. Plus topo maps can't go wrong
  11. Dandenong south, army disposals had the ridgeline roar jackets on sale for $99? A couple weeks back in olive colour. I think the pants were on sale as well Still might be on sale Good bit of gear to keep you warm
  12. Mystic mountains in narbethong now stock swanni
  13. One of my rinos does it, I stopped the noise on mine by turning it to 2 watt output instead of 5 Topo maps in the rino work brilliantly and don't like hunting in the bush without other rino users
  14. Lol, I saw 9 that day and none with the binos I reckon if they get pointed out they be every where
  15. I've got the Diamondbacks, lifetime warranty can't go wrong. Haven't used anything else so can not compare. I find them fine. I wonder tho what the HD ones are like
  16. Rino 650 use the same program as the 62s, I've had both and rino wins by a mile, just because you can see where your hunting partner is
  17. I bought a pair of "magnum precision max" for work. Light, zip sides, safety toe, water proof, comfy. They don't have the added hunting boot tax
  18. The lecky blanket keeps any moisture away??? Probably go pvc if camping on ground, but much of muchness. If it was raining you would have a tarp up any way
  19. 4wd super centre is the place with swags on sale within price range, Google is your friend or someone else can post a link up
  20. Depends what your after. I like my swags like tents. I bought the misses the blackwolf ryebuck, yet to use it tho. That would be a double story house for you tho and just out of price range when there on sale. I got the burk and wills ??? And love it but also cost a small fortune. Quality is there in Burke and wills I've seen the swags with the pole down middle length ways on sale I think, "roo" brand for $200 the other day. But quality don't know You'd be after a stretcher as well
  21. Used the harness today, remarkably good piece of hunting equipment Tigers win 2015 AFL Grand Final
  22. Got the binos and harness today, the harness seems pretty good, leaning over seems like it comes off the chest couple of inches, really easy to get binos to eye level and put back into protective cover
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