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  1. Mine came with a clip. I clip it to my SamHuntVic back pack just below the shoulder.
  2. I've got the garman 62s, great. You need the topo maps. I recommend the rino 650, yes expensive but if the other people you go hunting with have one, it shows you where they are. Very useful. These take the topo maps aswell, I will get one, one day. eBay is the place to get these. They do pop up around the $400 but got to wait otherwise between $500-$600
  3. What ever fridge you get, I bet you will enjoy it, no more buying ice. You definite need two battery's in car tho
  4. I got the red gum as well, a lot of head room then tappers Down to the feet. I love mine
  5. Name someone who had been bittern by a snake, when you have been their or family member so it's first or second hand seeing/ hearing it. My opinion being bitten by a snake in the bush is very slim, last summer was the most snakes I've seen, over 40, hunting and trout fishing in shorts and sandles so I got samhunt gators just in case, like I said earlier being bittern by a snake in my opinion is slim
  6. Get a gillie suit from fleabay
  7. I've got the Aussie new Zealand maps on that gps, brilliant, it even shows you the sunny side of the hill during the day, can't beat that, Took the gps to new Zealand as well, very impressed, same detail their as here
  8. ive got the garmin 62s. it has topo maps australia and new zealand. well worth the money getting maps, mine came free when bought gps. it shows creeks rivers tracks driveways mines valleys where the sun is, where the hills are shady.. i like it because you can see what is around you. ie how high the hills are etc. took it to new zealand as well and the same thing, brilliant
  9. ive got the double darche around $400. had it for 10 years, plastic bottom, all good if your want some one else in their. i have also a "burke and wills" i think it is called "red rocks" its about 1.5 man swag. the roof where your head is about 3 foot above it. plenty of room. i love it. alot of room by yourself in their. buy it off the intenet it is alot cheaper, i think in the shops you maybe up $700. shove a electric blanket in their and your sweet. doesn't matter what swag you buy soak it in your bath tub for a couple of days. this expands the canvas and seals the pinholes to make it water tight
  10. i hunt sambar deer, my latest rifle is the remington pump police 308, for those face to face incounters, i live in south eastern suburbs of melbourne, i also love paddock shooting with the spot light,
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