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    Sale, Vic.
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    Eradicating Vulpes Vulpes when and where I can with the .204 under the spotlight or calling them in during the day with a FoxPro digital caller.
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    .22 CZ with Redfield 4-12 x 40
    .17HMR Ruger 77/17 Stainless/Laminate Varmint with Leupold VX3L 4.5-14 x 50
    .204 Ruger M77 Hawkeye Predator in a Mountain Camo Laminate Stock with Leupold VX3L 6.5-20 x 56
    .308W Ruger M77 in a pepper laminate stock with a Leupold VX3L 4.5-14 x 50
    Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 12g U/O

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  1. franklinsnapper

    G'day from - VIC

    Welcome, Eliot. You'll find plenty of good info on here.
  2. franklinsnapper

    G'day from - VIC

    Hi to all, Spotlight fox shooting at least once a week is what I do almost exclusively- 2 x lightforce spotties (one rifle mounted) in the back of a Mazda Bravo turbo diesel. Rifle used is a Ruger M77 stainless synthetic in .204 Ruger with a Leupold VX3-L 6.5-20 x 56mm. I use Hornady 32gr and 40gr V-Max ammunition which seems to be a great combination so far. Up until 2 months ago I was using a Ruger M77 stainless laminate in .22-250. It had been a great rifle but was not grouping well enough for the long range shots we are usually presented with in the open country sheep paddocks where I go. I usually deck a few bunnies with a Brno .22 when foxes are thin on the ground from the beginning of Spring until all the young dumb foxes start getting about around mid-December. Have got 51 foxes this year. Usually average about 120 foxes per year off two adjoining properties that belong to a couple of farming mates. We see plenty of other game under the light but foxes are our quarry and all other creatures (except cats) are free to go on their way undisturbed. Deer are spotted every time we venture out but I have no interest in hunting them. Most deer seen in one night is 7. Mostly hog deer sometimes a fallow or two. Once we establish that the eye-shine is from a deer we drive on looking for ferals. My wife thinks I'm mad when the weather gets cold and windy and I start talking about 'how perfect the weather is for fox shooting'. Beats the hell out of watching bloody TV at home in a warm lounge room. All good fun. Hoping to share info on this forum and learn any new tricks from other members. Also interested in other members experiences with new gear- lights, callers, rifles etc. Cheers, Franklinsnapper.
  3. franklinsnapper

    reds no longer running

    Recent fox kills