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  1. Yeah do that bro. Tell ‘em Clarky sent you.
  2. Hey dude I just saw the quote of the year thingo on one of your posts, bloody pisser bro. 

    I tried to send you a pm but no good.

    Ive been off Aushunt for ages, it’s good to see your back to  “Whelenlad”.


  3. shortcut


    I use one only for sentimental reasons, I also find a smaller blade more practical. Those knives you made are beautiful bro, maybe too pretty to use.
  4. I've used a havalon for about 7 months now, love it. I've never had a knife thats always lazer sharp. (lazer is sharper than razor) I got 6 replacement blades with the knife and ive used them on sheep, deer pigs and roos. But finally the blades ran out. I'm crap at computer stuff but the cheapest Havalon blades i could find were about a 1$ each. Eventually found a online medical supply shop in Oz that sold a whole range of scalpel blades. Some blade styles were more but the ones i got were 33cents each in a box of 100. They are proper sterile, sheffield steel blades, so effing sharp. The blades i got are about 10mm shorter than the 60A blades that came with the knife but there were about a dozen different shapes and sizes. Medshop.com something like that.
  5. shortcut

    Honing Steels

    I agree, they are just being twats.
  6. Good enough for me, ordered an orange one on fleabay. Thanks legends.
  7. I just watched the first three seasons of Meat Eater and had to do some investigating on his knife. Turns out i'm the last to know about havalon knives. I'm definatly getting one, but don't know if I should get piranta or the larger baracuta. Its about $15 more. Glad i did a forum search before starting a new topic, Dutchunt beat me by about 19 months. Also if anyone reads this and hasn't watched Meat Eater, check it out. Its Awesome.
  8. My mate built himself a table for his plasma cutter, he downloaded heaps of knife blade shapes and can now cut them out automatically. He has been cutting out of old circular saw blades. The steel seems pretty good but we have only put an edge on one so far. Has anyone had any experience with this? Are new circular saw blades likely to be a different steel? if so, better or worse? Are steel cold saw blades going to be any different? We already knocked off all the old saw blades from work and am looking to try other blades, ta.
  9. Hi guys. The bulb in my spottie died the other night so had a look online for a new one. I came across a lot of LED replacement bulbs while searching for the one I wanted. Has anyone used LED bulbs in there handhelds? They ok? Obviously the wattage is heaps lower with the LED. My light uses 55W halogen bulbs but one website said I need only a 3.5W LED bulb. Can that be right ? The LED bulbs put out a whiter light which is good but I wonder the light will go far enough. Anyway keen to hear from people who have tried it. Ta.
  10. yeah Optic it does it is sown into the sling on my 30-30. It's got a patch of cow hide on it (fur on)and a brass stud.
  11. Don't know if the pic will work (first time) but these are what I use. I reckon butcher knives are the go because they are pretty cheap and feel good in the hand. Also the steel is really good. The knife at the top is also good but starts to rust if you look at it funny. It was already rusty when I pinched it from the old man 20 years ago. Actually I don't know anything about it, the stamp on the blade is illegible. I think one of the words is 'England'. Any of you guys seen one before?. Ta.
  12. Duncs are you serious? Pretty sure you just made all that up.
  13. Hi. I live near Mudgee, I hunt deer and pigs on my property and goats on a mates property. Also mad for trout fishing and like to give the yellowbelly a bash too. Am looking foward to learning stuff from other Aushunt members.
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