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  1. Where are you located no use offering a shot at some bunnies north east of Perth if you live in Bunbury ??
  2. Yep can't go wrong with a TIKKA , I have a Varmint and love it.
  3. I have a Bushnell 600 and when I first got it I took it to my silhouette club and ranged it on all the targets and gongs set at different distances and it was within 1-2 m of the target from the firing line , who's to say the targets are set at the exact range but it ranged the same distance when I went along the line of targets, I ranged the Rams from the firing line and 10 of them all ranged at 501 m each and the other targets all were the same so I am happy with it's repeat-ability. In the bush it would range off Roo's etc out to 350 m , that was about the furthermost I could get a good shot at an animal with it as the paddocks are small and have timber right thru them. My mate has a Leica 1000 and uses it for everything around the farm right down to distance from point "a" to point "b" for laying pipe so he can get enough for the job. It's fantastic at night when out Roo shooting as we shoot for the pet meat trade and you have to head shoot them, sometimes you just want to reach out and touch it instead of driving after it and watch it disappear into the thick scrub. I didn't think I would use one until I got one, it comes in handy for other things besides hunting.
  4. Hi boy's I am the secretary of the Perth rifle metallic silhouette club and shoot in the field too, it's good on here,,,, if there is anything we can help you with then just ask. I may speak to our committee to see if we can have a WA Austhunt afternoon at our club, a bit of shooting and a bbq would be good, Maybe we can celebrate getting a S&F party member into parliament. CHEERS, Brendan.
  5. We run south african practical hunting rifle matches at Perth rifle metal silly wet club every second saturday arvo shooting a variety of aust and african game at unknown distances and from different types of rests and off hand ( trees , tyres, bench , car bonnet ,off a hill etc) if you want to get in some practice let us know from .223's to 505 gibbs, we have a facebook page too.
  6. I got it from Cabelas in the states. It's on their website I'll try and find a link.
  7. I have a Simmons 20 _ 60 X 80 I paid $99 for and I can see 7mm holes in targets at 500m until the mirage washes the picture out and that goes for the 30X on my 6500 Bushnell scope. mirage is usually the killer .
  8. just lob up around 8 am and ask to shoot as a guest they will do the rest.
  9. Well they can have my guns when they pry them from my Cold dead fingers. I just joined the shooters and fishers party to get it up and going here in WA and ask any other's from WA to do the same. $30 well spent. SSAA does their bit and the S&F will take over from where the SSAA stops and yes I believe the SSAAWA do do things for their members.
  10. It is one of these new fangled bent keyboards suppose to make it easyer but it's not,, and I can't log on with my new laptop because I can't remember my password.
  11. It will never happen, they will have to close all the gun ranges in wa if they did and start taking guns off farmers and you don't want to get the farmers angry as we need their produce to live. Edit because my keyboard doesn't want to put up the letter I type into it but the one near it (maybe it's full of crap inbetween the keys).
  12. Well G'DAY to all the new members, hope your time in here is fruitfull.
  13. If'n your looking for a shooting partner let me know, I'm chasing a property manager / owner that will give me an open letter to get my 7/08, willing to pitch in with $$ cash etc no problem.
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