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G'day from - NSW

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Hi all. Aged mid 60's and semi retired, returning to gun ownership after not owning a firearm since the "posts Port Arthur gun buy-back", I've been asked to help a family member deal with aerial vermin and foxes on an organic free-range chook farm in the Hawkesbury region of NSW. We're not far from the Colo River, so plenty of wilderness right on our doorstep.

Am going to need a centre fire for the foxes, and thinking about a really good air rifle for the pesky Mynah birds, so will be asking for advice in the near future.


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Welcome ohpedro. It's always nice to see an introduction with a little bit more depth than usual.

I'm sure you'll receive lots of advice & hopefully some of it will be of use.

The only air rifles I personally own are dart projectors, but IMO modern air rifles are surprisingly powerful & accurate. I have observed the effectiveness of modern air rifles several times in the last few years & have consistently been left in awe at their accuracy & effectiveness. In some parts of the world folks now also hunt big game with large caliber "slug guns". You may be surprised at how effective the modern air rifles would be on foxes around the chook sheds. But you can never have too much gun so apply for as many categories as you can whilst you are at it.

Look forward to seeing more posts on your progress.

All the best.


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Greetings from Sydneys Northern Beaches

I'm originally from South Africa where I enjoyed a lot of varied hunting, wing shooting and pest eradication for conservation agencies. Have a bit of guiding experience and love nothing more than a fair chase walk n stalk hunt to test my skills and marvel at mother nature.

As a resident in beautiful Australia I've been fortunate to go hunting a few times but as we all know it's difficult to find a place to shoot, especially being from another country without the contacts one tends to build up over years and years.

Recently did some fox/pig culling off the ute at night which was heaps of fun :)

I'm fortunate to hold a Cat D licence as I run a pest control division for a business.

So just wanted to say gdday to all you fellow shooters , hunters and fishermen and looking forward to learning from the locals on this forum !

Btw I would be happy to meet some fellow hunters that could take me along for a shoot or two, in exchange I could arrange some top notch African hunting with my contacts at 'local' prices.

Regards to you all in the bushveld! Oh err I mean the Aussie bush :)


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g'day everybody what a mad pass time huntin is. been at it 25years new to this web page stuff but. hope to talk to a few old school boys and see how the sports changing. :)

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Hi there,

I have just moved out to Cowra. I have always been interested in hunting and fishing, camping and 4WD.

Looking forward to getting rid of some of the foxes around here.


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