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  1. Good to see you join Jezza . Cheers Mick
  2. Welcome Liam post a few pics of your 338 and buff they are worth posting cheers Mick
  3. Not sure about the Thomasons. Are they on Two rivers. Going back to Darwin. Mick
  4. Murray, 80km West on the high way at Young river station. Sparkie by trade and moving back to the NT. Mick
  5. Thanks, dann81. Spearing has been good here as well all new species and conditions. Got a nice Blue groper a few weeks back around 8kg great eating. Plenty of crays and abs, good regulations and catch limits on the southern region. sharks have been a nuisance. Do you spearfish? Mick
  6. Hi, new to the site. In Esperance for the last 6 months. previously the NT for 25 years. Bowhunt, dogging foxes and pigs, deerhunting ,flyfishing and spearfishing. mick
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