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    Getting out with me dogs and rifle chasing pigs & hunting wild dogs.
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    .17HMR * .223REM * 30.06SPRG * 30.30WIN

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  1. Love those terriers.

    No seconds thoughts about head to NT Mick!!

  2. Mate do you know much about grundfos pumps and the timing system on them!? Got a pump here on one of the bores but the timer system has shit itself.
  3. Welcome fellas! Get amongst the discussions! Hopefully see some reports from yas in the near future!
  4. Love your work Mick .

  5. Some good country through there. Holds plenty of game to hunt all year round!
  6. Hi welcome to AH , Is there still much money in the camel trade, I had a mate shooting them over there for dog food processor a while back, lost contact with him tho.
  7. welcome Danny few experienced blokes on here can learn some stuff off. Have you checked out Belmont range in brissy?
  8. Can't beat the good old 30.30 for pig shooting, it's my go to calibre it's yet to let me down. Proper shot placement and you have no worries. 300kms is pretty good, is that south ? North? Plenty of pigs up around there!
  9. Welcome kamanda, there's a good sub section with plenty of pig shooting activity. Enjoy the site, I'm sure you'll get plenty of info here, hopefully even some hunting mates. Cheers
  10. G'day glen, it's a hunting forum mate shoot away! A fella here at work came from Isa about 3 year ago, said its very hard getting on anywhere around there! But put in the leg work you never know! Goodluck, welcome back to the wonderful world of hunting!!
  11. G'day all just moved north to calliope I'm 24 been shooting 4-5 years now love stalking pigs, footy 4x4's camping, Anyone in the area want to meet at a nearby range & have a shoot ! all my shooting life's 10+hrs south now!! =(
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