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    Getting out with me dogs and rifle chasing pigs & hunting wild dogs.
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    .17HMR * .223REM * 30.06SPRG * 30.30WIN

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  1. Hi farmgirl I run the Inmarsat satellite phone, very basic and easy to use. Make calls and send texts like back on the old 3310 Nokia. Just pop the aerial until it picks up reception and away you go. Very good bit of gear for peace of mind when in remote areas or hunting alone! I know of a new one for sale for $350 my mate is selling never used. Not a mark on it all in its original box. Can pass on his number if you are interested.
  2. Love those terriers.

    No seconds thoughts about head to NT Mick!!

  3. Mate do you know much about grundfos pumps and the timing system on them!? Got a pump here on one of the bores but the timer system has shit itself.
  4. Welcome fellas! Get amongst the discussions! Hopefully see some reports from yas in the near future!
  5. Love your work Mick .

  6. I'm away working but when I get back to my stomping grounds I'll get some critters on the deck! Yes I definantly need the recorder!
  7. So had a play with the thermal on the weekend got it around an inch at 120m shooting fed 150s. Haven't spent much time with it since my first initial attempt at sighting it in. But got it working so should be good. Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  8. #### that! It is alot of coin for a jacket!
  9. Some good country through there. Holds plenty of game to hunt all year round!
  10. Thats the problem these days everything is made there. Last thing I want is the sole peeling off half way through a hunt!
  11. I did look at the stalkers, not a bad boot cheers
  12. Gday all, After some hunters feedback on the Rocky boots. In particular the 'Brute' boot. Looks good for what I want, climbing mountains gullies rocks and high wet grass. My feet are holding me back from getting a good hunt in so I need to ditch the old redbacks and invest in something good.
  13. Hi welcome to AH , Is there still much money in the camel trade, I had a mate shooting them over there for dog food processor a while back, lost contact with him tho.
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