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  1. I’d say usedguns.com.au may be of some interest to you if your after a second hand rifle.
  2. I’m sorry to say I haven’t taken it out even once yet to hunt other than to load it up and test it and set up the sizing. I got the pack I think just before we were locked down here in Sydney and lockdown cancelled all of my winter hunting. I mean all of it. But I have undone all the straps and played with it to see how to pack the meat. I think it will work very well in meat bags then strapped down all tight I was worried that if you had meat all the way packed from the bottom to the top of the meat shelf it might slide down with the weight wanting to go towards the ground obviously but I think if you have the straps tightened it would make it impossible for that to happen. But I haven’t used it for its purpose yet and don’t want to give anyone bad info so I can’t really comment on the pack other than it’s comfortable with 20kgs in it.
  3. Yer mine expired this year I’ve been looking into a new one but there are so many options out there now where you can actually use them to send a text out if you just need to get a msg out. Also I was under the impression if you use your PLB in a rescue situation you didn’t get charged. Am I wrong in thinking that. It does save a lot of money for them rather than your lost in the bush and they have a search party probably looking for a body by the time your reported missing and they mount a search.
  4. Yer it’s a good saving if your in the market for a pack. I got the Pro 6000 pack with carbon chassis and harness a few months ago when they had the same sale on. Cheers for the heads up Dave.
  5. If your going to later buy a kuiu multi day pack you could buy a Kuiu day pack as well, the frames will swap between both. They have 25% off sales every now and then on there packs might be worth waiting for them to be on sale I brought a new multi day pack about 4 months ago when they had a sale. that was the price for the bag section the frame is another price. I haven’t been able to take it out properly cos of this lockdown but have loaded it up and walked around the mountains around home. I really like the pack.
  6. This is just from the other thread so after having a rhino 650 for years and it’s a good unit but why can’t these gps companies make a decent unit that is like the mapping on your phone that is far better. Last time I went away I used google maps as I had some service but have also been using the Hunt NSW app maps since it shows you exactly where you are and has exclusion zones all on the map over laid. I have also downloaded but haven’t used it yet but it looks really good an app called maps.me you download the app then download all the maps sections on there. It looks good but I haven’t used it and with the tooo maps the contour lines are 100m apart for elevation which obviously there are better maps for that.
  7. So a few weeks back I brought the Sea to summit Ether Light XT Extreme Insulated Sleeping Mat. I took it out over the long weekend on a hunt out past Oberon in NSW and it was a really cold weekend. This mat was unbelievable how good it is, it was really warm to sleep on and not having an insulated mat before I was pretty sceptical about a mat actually being warm. It was comfortable for a sleeping mat a lot better than my old thermarest foam thing. This mat was originally brought for the chopper drop in trip I had planned this year in Victoria because there was a good chance of snow and I’m sure it would have been great for them conditions. If you weren’t planning on using the mat in the snow and even me now I would have brought the model under this the Ether Light XT Insulated Sleeping Mat not the extreme just because it packs down to about half the size of my mat and it is still insulated just obviously not as much. My mate brought that mat and was fine in Oberon with it. Anyway just a bit of info incase others are in the market for a new sleeping mat. I also brought the blow up pillow to go with the mat which worked better than a folded up jumper like I’d normal use on a pack hunt, since you wouldn’t normally carry a full size pillow.
  8. Nice knife. I’ve seen his knives before but never a price attached to them. What did it cost you for one.
  9. That’s awesome, and cheers for sharing, we fork out so much money for different pieces of equipment and it’s nice to hear when a brands service to there customers is incredible like that.
  10. The new swarvo model the NL Pure 42’s is $4800 I was told that last night by Johannes Nothdurfter from Swarovski. The prices just really are crazy. But that’s just the top of the range they will still have most of there other models available still.
  11. Just got this email from Johnny Appleseed.... https://www.ja-gps.com.au/
  12. Beautiful knife, I just checked out his website and it looks like he does some really nice work.
  13. They look bloody awesome mate, not sure the title of the post is fitting though ? slapped together might be the understatement of the year. Beautiful work.
  14. If you can find a Hunters Element All Rounder Jacket, they go pretty good but they are a discontinued item so you’ll have to look around and try find your size. It’s camo though and you said you want to wear it for other things other than hunting. Swazi Tahr Anorak is a solid colour jacket and definitely well proven but you’ll pay big $$$ for it.
  15. Ordered the rino radio holder yesterday from Moroka30 and they had that camo colour and plain dark green.
  16. Yer I've just ordered a rino holder as well after this post. I was looking for one of them years ago when I first got a rino and never found one. Will be good.
  17. I've been using the Sitka harness for a while now, the only reason I upgraded to a pouch style harness over the S4 gear harness was because I brought swarvo's and I wanted a bit of extra protection around them. it doesn't have much room for anything else in it just 2 elastic pockets on either side, I put a wing gauge in one side. then it has a small pocket on either side inside which I have a wipe cloth in I'm liking the Sitka harness it holds it up against your chest when you crawling and having it zipped up gives the bino's way more protection than the old S4 harness. When using them I just leave the pouch open and it has a magnet to hold the front flap down which makes them easily accessible. Another good bit of gear is that crooked horn range finder holder and it would connect to most bino harnesses pretty easily. I'm sure some people have wondered why I have a range finder when I have range finding bino's but when I'm bow hunting if I have an animal close I'd rather use 1 hand to use a small range finder than put my bow down and use both hands on my bino's. Also I'm not bagging the S4 harness, the only reason I changed was cos I wanted more protection for my bino's the S4 harness is also a great light harness and the elastic latch is probably a better option than having to unzip a bino case if your left it zipped up and need them out.
  18. It seems your after one of the larger styles of harness to hold a few other things as well as bino's so I'm probably not going to be any help. The harness I have used for years was the S4 gear harness on the left. It is a nice light weight harness for just holding bino's. I have recently upgraded to the Sitka harness paired with the crooked horn range finder pouch and it attaches to the side perfectly. The Sitka bino harness also has a few small pockets and zips up just to protect you bino's a little better. Something you might be interested in is some of the badlands harnesses, they make a few with extra pockets that are a little bigger, a friends of mine uses them and has had his for years and loves it.
  19. Good stuff ?? Good on ya niteowl.
  20. I got my swaro's from the gun show for $3100 from safari firearms so they can definitely afford to drop the price from there advertised $3490
  21. Brought a pair about 4 months ago, they are ? amazing to use.
  22. Just another brand to throw your way a mate was talking about them today.... Exo mountain gear, they make dedicated hunting packs
  23. Bloody hell mate, hope you pull throw ok, no long term loss of movement. Is it just the shadows or is this not the first time that hands copped a hard time.....
  24. Good little review there WL, can you leave the liner in your sleeping bag and still fit it all in the one stuff sack. My old down bag isn't worth a pinch of salt without a liner now but my liner is to thick to pack it all together.
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