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G'day from - NSW

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hi y'all, i was reared in the wild west (west coffs harbour) started with air rifles as a kid,i now compete around nsw & qld.in field class\full bore (nswra), MSD(ssaa) , international hi power XC,lever action& metalic silhouette&i'm just geting into pistol shooting. my favourite thunder sticks are my m96 swede, m38 swede,matini .310,.22 trainer, .223 varmit, sako p94s.22, 6.5 sporter,.357 rossi puma lever .22mag & i've recently gone back to my child hood & bought a hw 97 air gun (lucky for my brother they didn't make em like that when i was a boy ).i do a bit of conservation work around the table lands (cats, rabbits & foxes) when i can.



ps sako boy is not realy a boy......(not a girlie either) he has'nt been a boy for 50 years, but he is a top bloke & introduces a lot of young kids to the sport of shooting.

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G,day all ,

Westie from Sydney, Gents love my target rimfires .I enjoy hunting but dont do enough of it lately, getting right into comps though.

Have used a bow but wasnt very good, went back to rifles.

Doesnt matter if im hunting ,fishing ,camping or target shooting cant get enough of country NSW. glad to see sites like this getting stronger.

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g'day my names josh im 16, i live in Orange NSW and likle shooting, camping, fishing, 4wding and ofcourse doggn!!. I go shooting at a mates house about once a week neer Mt. canobolas outside orange. Im jst about 2 get a bull arab pup and a few mates and i have organised a piggn trip up 2 walget at easter so shoud b good!!.... cheers Hilux Man.

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Hi all.

Live near Tamworth, do most of my shooting on the place we live on. Mostly bunnies and foxes, with the odd cat and goat sometimes.

Used to shoot a bit as a kid using other peoples rifles (mother wouldn't allow guns at home) and only started again after ??????? years because the foxes were taking our chooks/ducks/geese on a too regular basis, then sorta got hooked on it B)

May look at getting a R lience this year and another rifle or two for the safe (204 ruger and 25/06 or 30/06) and start looking for pigs/goats a bit more seriously. At the moment chasing bunnies at 150-200m is what im doing most.

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Aw, yeah, about myself.

I left school a little while ago, (15), I now do co-respondence so I have more hours to myself to work and I'm not surrounded by noise and nonsense.

I do a fair bit of work with horses, and break them in as well as train them in dressage or stockwork as a trade I am starting, which I hope to develop enough to a level later that.. long story!

But I have 12 acres where I am, not enough to have as varied a herd as I'd like, but 3 I am working currently are a young Connemara, a Stockhor####Quarter Horse and my much prized pure bred Egyptian Arab, all 3 I own along with a few others, and 2 I am breaking in for a couple of people.

Anyway, I won't go into the full story on horses because you're all more interested in hunting.

I'll soon have a Brno Model 601 ZKK in .243 from a good friend up in Queensland (Ed Wennink), all I need is the PTA, and I'll show you a few good photos and get right into hunting with it!

In the meantime, I intend to chinwag!

That'll do.

Glenn Robin,

Taree NSW

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