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G'day from - NSW

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Hi everyone I'm born and breed in Orange NSW. I'm 25 married and have a 6 month old baby boy.

I like to hunt pigs with dogs, I use Wolfhound bullterrier crosses. My biggest pig to date is 105kg Boar caught at Trunkey Creek.

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Im Matt from near Canberra, Im an ex infantry soldier, grew up on a property, now a plumber. Mainly a Bowhunter, but don't mind the shooters also. I like trapping also.Bit of a hippy type dude these days. My favourite game are foxes, fallow,goats (but only in gorges) and don't mind a lash at the bunnies if Im bored

After bowhunting then gun hunting my favourite other happy happy fun time involves spearfishing and diving for abs and crays. Dont mind flicking the lures round also (when I can).

Anyhoo, I had to write all this stuff to see what the misterious AusHunt posts are all about.lol (its prolly good for a forum actually, Stops the spam thingys)

Ya nice to meet you all!



Any bowhunters round the ACT area?

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Morning all,

I'm from the Terrace, near Newcastle, been here just over a year after moving down from Townsville.

Am yet to find a hunting property, and I don't have a 4WD so access is somewhat restricted.

Most of my life has been spent hunting small vermin in TAS, but moved up to pigs while in Townsville (2000-2006). I am keen to have a crack at foxes while living in NSW, just have to find a property and hunting companion.

I also enjoy fishing, and the wife and I have just recently purchased a small 4.3m tinny which should open up a few areas to us.

My current firearms are a stirling .22, Sako .223 and a Miroku U/O 12G. I had a Husqvarna 6.5x55 Sweed while up north as my piggin rig (a calibur that I quite liked), and may consider re-aquiring something similar once I find somewhere to use it!

Am looking at joining the Newcaslte District Hunting Club, and sitting for my R licence sometime this year, which will hopefully open up some oportunities and enable me to meet some fellow shooters.


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Hi Guys/Girls. Live Coffs Harbour nth coast. Experience approx 20 yrs. Mate recently sold his property tht I regularly shot with a mate in Uralla area due to downturn in wool demand. Now looking 4 a property 2 shoot somewhere in or around Armidale, Uralla, Guyra areas (Perferably a short distance from home for a wk end Dammm Work). Can provide references, fully licenced & very responsible. Own .22 mag, but my favourite is Brn .22 cal 4 rabbits etc...PS: Hopefully someone out there can provide advice 2 me, but my advice 2 u all when things get 2 serious is, "Take down your pants & slide on the ice"... ;) foxden77@hotmail.com.......Regards Kev...

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G`day All,

I hunt on small farms and in state forests with a bow and firearms ranging form .177 to 444 marlin always looking for people to hunt with .love chasing goats, pigs,cotton tails and cats never had much luck with foxes.

see ya out there

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Gday from the hunte valley, Gresford to be precise. Im still at school, but enjoy a bit of bike riding, 4wding, boating, fishing, target shooting and the odd feral hunt.

Have a .270win and a .22, hopefully a new target/tactical rifle to be added to the collection soon.


Piers Cains

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I live in Nowra on the sth coast and shoot on some private properties for ferals.

My big objective is to become a good shot and hunter and try to learn as much as i can about this craft.

Some of my other hobbies are 4x4 driving, trail riding and fishing as long im in the bush im happy :D

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I fish and shoot. I have not done much shooting for a few years and am getting back into it. Most my shooting is foxes but I never pass up a cat when I see them.

I have also done some pig shooting and have hunted Pronghorn antelope and white tail deer in Montana

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G'day All,

My name is Paul I live in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. I'm 54 (old bugger)and been shooting from the time I was a young fella.

I love chasing pigs on dirt bikes,real adrenalin rush.I love deer shooting and any sort of varmiting.Guess you could say shooting is in the family.My Dad was captain of his school shooting team and became a sniper in New Guinea in WWII, not many survived ,my son is carrying on the tradition and loves Trap and any field shooting .

I feel very lucky to be able to share a love of the Australian bush with him and to to sit around a fire at night after chasing pigs and go over the days excitements.

I have a passion for nice rifles and have 30 odd Sako's a and a collection of Tikka's,Remingtongs,Brownings and a Weatherby in just about every caliber.Cant walk past a gun shop without looking.(very tolerant wife.)

Look forward to reading your shared veiws on our great hobbie.


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