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G'day from - NSW

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Hi all,

Eddy here. Located in canterbury and making a slight transition from archery to shooting. Havn't done any hunting as yet but im very keen on going out when i get some time off and get some help from others that have done it before.

Enjoy shooting the bow but it would be exciting to hit targets over the 100m mark.

Well, no doubt i will be bugging you all with questions sooner rather than latter so that'l be all for now.



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Hi All

I come from the mid north coast originally and now live in the blue mountains. I was taken on my first hunting trip aged 4 (according to my dad) and have been a keen hunter ever since. I hunt all game but in recent years have focused on deer especially Sambar. I joined the Australian Deer Association 18 years ago and am still heavily involved in the ADA (sydney branch), especially the club hunts and the education of new hunters. I am very proud of the fact that in the past 18 years I have taken just over 300 hunters on their first Sambar hunt as part of the ADA (Syd) hunter education process and guided 25 to successfully take a Sambar. I am a member pf Para Park (hence the tag hoggie) I am also a councillor on the NSW Game Council and one of the authors of the Hunter Education manual (would love some feedback). I am involved quite heavily with GameCon as well. I am looking forward to sharing some hunting experiences especially with the other Sambar tragics out there


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