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I watch a lot of YouTube and just now I came across this video that was posted about a year ago.  This is how I came to join this forum. Everything about “the hunt” makes the hunt the r

Hi Guys, Jake here I have been hunting deer with my father Chris for about 8 years in the high country Victoria, our caliber of choice is a 300WSM and 7mm rem Mag. Where very keen hunters and wan

Kia Ora and to hi all,  * Long intro, sorry. My name is Regan (34), from central North Island of New Zealand. Now living in NW Melbourne Vic.                                                 

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21 hours ago, Jezza243 said:

Gday all name is jezza been hunting for over 30 years looking forward interacting with fella hunters

cheers jezza

Good to see you join Jezza . Cheers Mick

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On 14/09/2020 at 11:14 AM, bazluhrmann said:

Hi all! New bowhunter, experienced hiker, but keen to get further out into the bush. Melbourne region.

Hey mate, I’m a brand new Bowhunter myself, when I say brand new, I mean I’ve shot in the back yard and taken it scouting down the otways, but that’s about it.

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G'day, I own a henry .22lr. I'm a beginner hunter.

I'm here because I want to gain knowledge, expand my hunting abilities. Be able to kill to harvest.  

Planning on purchasing a high powered rifle, unsure what to get as there's so many different calibres and it is a little overwhelming. 

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Hello guys, how are you all during these hard times? Need your help. I am exhausted in the fight against these rodents. They destroyed every stock of bait and bait they could get to. I kept them so carefully until I got a couple of rats. I don't want to use the poison. My children often run into the garage. So I want to start with mechanical traps.
What can you recommend? 

I have found these two traps.

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap, 1-Pack

Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap

Rat Zapper RZC001-2A Trap, 2 Pack

Сan you tell something about these products? 



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1 hour ago, markusshoot said:

Hello guys, how are you all during these hard times? Need your help.

Hi Markusshoot,

welcome to the forum!

This isn’t really the place for questions - just “hello’s” so typically you won’t get answers here. 

Having said that, if you re-post your question in the General Discussion area, I’ll look up the traps that I’ve had some success with and put some info in there for you 


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Hi All

New to the sight

Gate are open as of tomorrow heading up to the top of Butcher country and howitt for a hunt if you see a white triton up there pull in and say hi will be there to Tuesday if weather permitts.

Cheers Matt

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