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Hello from - Overseas

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.

AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.

Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.

Happy Hunting,

AusHunt Admin.

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how ya all

i'm from ireland.i found this site looking for the pig dog vet on the internet when the boardogs site shut down.

very good site it has everything

very interested in the pig hunting with the dogs and hope to come over for a hoilday in the near future


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Hello, everyone

Stuck in Ohio for now, we do have some of the biggest whitetail deer in the U.S

Were only allowed to use shotgun slugs in this part of the country for deer.

Interested in doing more bird hunting along with some wild boar.

Enjoy rabbit hunting too. Looking to see what kind of O/U brand & barrel length most hunters like to use for all around use. Thanks, Clint

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Hallo fellow hunters,

We live in Namibia, Africa on a hunting ranch. We entered this forum since it is always interesting to have contact with people who loves nature, the outdoors and hunting.

What is special about our region, is that it is in the centre of the well-known Kalahari. Periods of droughts caused most of the animal species here, to be very good adapted to the circumstances in which they have to survive.

In the meantime... we would like to hear any questions about hunting in Namibia. We will give you "inside information"...

Happy hunting!


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Hi, from the UK, Newcastle area, quick introduction for myself. Shot for over 35yrs, done a bit of everytthing, settled down now to Deer, Fox, Rabbit, & anything vermin. Like to fix my own guns, Toolmaker by trade, so that helps a lot. Starting up my own little workshop, so I'll be able to custom my guns the way I want.

Looking forward to reading how the Aussies hunt, wish the UK was the size of Australia, running out of space over here.



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Hello all! Kellyg from Texas here. I bowhunt 99% of the time and it's for wild hogs 90% of the time. I'm making my second visit to South Africa this summer and hope to make NZ/Australia next year. I'm 49 years old and have a wife, Karen and a daughter Katie(12) who also hunt.

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hi all you overseas hunters good to know we all enjoy a similar i'v been pig hunting for at least 14 years here in Queensland Australia i use bailers and holders but have always enjoyed reading about hunting trips and looking at the hunting dogs in the photos with there prize catch (keeps me from going :wacko: when i can't get away) :D happy hunting

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