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  1. len

    general hunting knife

    I have collected quite a few knives over the years while pursuing the best hunting knife, which as we know varies on what the game and task is. My Favorite knife for small game is the Mercator k55 a favorite of the possum trappers in NZ there are cheaper copies around and some of them are quite good I even have a couple of those as well in my collection, but the original has a blade made of good quality steel and doesn't loosen on the pivot over time and stays tight over the years folds to a small package. I highly recommend them. Otter Messer K55K Mercator Black Cat Pocket Knife Solingen - Stainless Steel 4045011100222 | eBay
  2. Hello I am still using my macpac cascade 75lt that I bought in NZ in 89 on my first deer hunt, absolutely bomb proof. and has a great harness system its tough bush hiking pack
  3. with a big price difference between the non cel and cel cameras its worth pursuing
  4. Khales scopes were always very very good, I don't think their binos would be any different
  5. Hi When do you intend to go to NZ as around the 3rd weekend of may which is after the duck season most of the big sellers like Hunting and Fishing and Gun City and even Smiths Sports have big sales with boots selling for around 1/2 price. The type of ground your walking also dictates the type of boot with high country hunting wanting a taller boot with a steel shank whereas a flat ground hunt I know most of NZ if a mountain but flatter ground you can go for a shorter boot without a steel shank you want the boot to flex as you walk. Cheers
  6. Friend just bought one of these its a chinese copy of a $300 US sharpener. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Professional-Blade-Knife-Sharpener-Kitchen-Sharpening-System-Fix-angle-4-Stones-/290930264940?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item43bccb8b6c I had a play with it and if you put it together properly it works really well. Saw a couple of you tube videos where the user had not assembled it properly, so they would not have been getting the best results. There's plenty of stones in different grades available on Ebay as well. I am going to get one and see how will it handles a couple of hard stainless boning knives that I have that are a pain to sharpen and keep the edge again right.
  7. Please put your location on your profiles it makes it easier to decide if someone is close enough to be able to help you
  8. Best idea for a caping knife the quick change blades and they are cheap, the blades that is
  9. They are very popular for caping on small and large animals
  10. And its made in the USA, thats pretty good as so many US knife company's have moved production offshore.
  11. I like the Buck 121's as well. I have a couple that I have used on goats and deer, they hold an edge well.
  12. If your in WA and find it hard to get out for a shoot have a look at Conservation Australia ( dont let the name confuse you) on Facebook they are providing their members with a lot of shooting oputrunities and cater for people who have time off during the week.
  13. I have only being trying to trap wild dogs these days on a friends station property I had one similar, to carry everthing except the traps and stakes but the bottom rusted out of it. I leave my stuff at the property but will take some pics when I start up again after the rains have stopped, you cant access some of the property when its wet. have a good weekend
  14. Well I was down at the local hardware - would have preferred to go somewhere else but no one else was open - looking at materials to make a new carry box for my trapping gear when I found this, saved myself some work and its spot on for size and its lightweight. http://www.bunnings.com.au/rhino-550-x-220-x-300mm-checkerplate-carry-tote_p5810051 unbelievably its made in Australia. The also have reo bar cut to 450mm and 600mm in packs of 6 but its way cheaper to buy a lenght and cut it to size yourself
  15. There are so many choices available now with so many torches that are up to the task of spotlighting I do like the units that have the option or also supply a rat tail switch
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