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  1. Guaranteed you see more deer with rod in hand than a rifle in hand for what ever reason that is,
  2. The back window is heated to keep your hands warm when you need to push it
  3. I've been hearing a few people seeing snakes now, Seems like it's late for me, I still haven't, yeah so fingers cross it stays wet for a few more weeks
  4. Welcome aboard Regz get on board the hunts that get posted up
  5. Use the knife as a home made vasectomy tool, otherwise marriage comes babies then goes hunting, cracker of a wife tho oh I mean a knife
  6. I Checked out the rino 75O, jeebus it looks like a better unit, well a modern day 650 upgrade.
  7. The air mesh stuff work well if you keep moving, less water weight retention, then thermals in camp
  8. Yep, moss on Southside of trees or was it north?
  9. Fleece camo pants/top wearing and then x2 thermals pants top depending on weather, I also like throwing in a few pairs of socks in the bag and a change of clean clothes at the 4b when you get back get the Marino thermals if they got 50% off
  10. Over thinking, that might add 2kg, just where your thermals and dry the rest or go commando around camp and hope some German back packers walk past
  11. You can get air mesh ghillie suits, I think from Aussie disposals thats what I wear in summer in Vic , up north mozzie proof? I hear it only takes four mozzies to lift you away
  12. Aldi still might have some left, saw our local had a couple the other day $130
  13. I take a smallish lithium battery, 240v can inverter and electric blanket on the backpack hunts in winter. got to sleep comfortable
  14. Aussie is huge, where are you thinking search wonnangatta in the deer hunting, we need some international hunters to come to it
  15. Gibbo has a hiking tent for sale, keep scrolling to the forsale section
  16. I've got the black wolf sierra 85l. It's a great bag, fits more beer, sleeping bag depends on the season, tent a two man, that's room for you and gear check out "snowy's" online, great shop and anaconda beat snowy's on price by 10%, so some home work before hand can save a few dollars
  17. Get a "icom 400" if you can find one for you 4b
  18. I looked at the ATN scope couple months back. Biggest it could go on was a 308 in fine print, that put me off can not wait to see footage
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