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  1. My mate runs all kuiu and has hunted around the globe a fair bit and really rates it.
  2. Good to see they give good service on some of their gear burners- as we know, the tracking collars these days they sell are absolute garbage and are poorly made compared to earlier models.
  3. Yowi

    down under knives

    You got any new DVD’s out brad?.
  4. Bracken wear had some good specials going I rate their gear?.
  5. not sure on rating ?i see a 5.4 and it said -28 rating ? I’d say at 4.6 they be good to -10/15 ??.
  6. Yeah can’t beat em at the price with a 4.6 rating be good down to -20.
  7. Nah just found a few in RealTree pattern pretty cheap.
  8. Klymit today for $80 odd with 5 yr warranty
  9. Mate reckons klymit aren’t to bad around $200 < .
  10. Nice knives rhino. Look unreal ?
  11. Just go to a shearing gear supplier or if you know a shearer ask him.
  12. The Moroko is a nice pack pat, my mate had a 75 ltr one on over the weekend,had gun holder, plenty of storage and was well made.
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