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  1. Mine is the Stone Glacier R3 3300 with an xcurve Frame. I think the closest dealer is in NZ but the price is no better. I bought mine when the Us dollar was near parity so I think all in it was about 800 Aussie. @Lightweight has a kifaru which is good gear too and there is now a bloke distributing them in Australia. Zac also has a tatonka tent which I've slept in and looks like high quality gear, so I'm sure the packs are the same. Rogee.productions from NZ on YouTube has the tatonka packs and rates them highly. If I were you I'd try to try a few on if you can, you're welcome to try mine next time I see ya, I reckon with your build and snakehips you will have to do a bit of fine tuning to get the belt to do it's job. I did see a moroka pack on Facebook for 400 the other day if that tickles you
  2. I had the moroka boots for a couple of years and found them good until they started falling apart, got my monies worth atleast. Tried the lowa rangers but didn't like them, felt like the sole bent in the wrong spot for my foot Currently using the Scarpa sl activ which are a stiff boot but extremely comfy and all leather with minimal stitching.
  3. Hi BoCo If you want to hunt the southern state of Victoria for Sambar deer -Gain a visitor firearm licence for state of Victoria -Buy a game licence from the 'Game management authority' ($55 dollars I think) -Borrow a gun once you're here. This lets you hunt as many deer as you want at any time of year on most public land. If you want to hunt Water buffalo up north it's a little trickier as in most cases you need to find private property.
  4. -10 goose down bag Dunno much about hammocks but pretty sure you need an underquilt to get any sort of warmth
  5. Mine is stone glacier. There is a NZ stockist. Otherwise exo is stocked by boulder creek like hosery said. Your welcome to try mine next time we cross paths
  6. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/tHDCprpq $60 They use 8x AA batteries. And they will work for a fair while with 4 dead and 4 fresh. I've got 9 months out of 8 fresh batteries. They're the same model as the Aldi cams
  7. I'm using the same ones as SWIZ got them for about $50 on AliExpress
  8. There's a stag that lives up there. I've seen him three times now ?
  9. Come get lost in the gatta with me next year. You can guide us out in the dark
  10. Good to see you're getting out there. I bet you that deer was watching you. Looking at that tree I would guess that the bark is like that from another tree hitting it in the wind. You will know a rub when you see it. These two photos aren't fresh rubs but you can see how the antlers have torn strips out and left divots in the trunk. Next time drag your fingernail across the tree and you will get an idea of what a fresh rub looks like, Whelan lad taught me that.
  11. I'd say at this stage probably not. If you start getting in close on deer and then have one bust off cos your jeans or drill cotton pants catch on a branch and make a noise, then maybe
  12. Yeah these are lightweight, quite breathable. They dry quick though. In winter I just wear them with thermals and all good. Swazi has some pants with the zip and belt but they are Swazi price too
  13. Huntech out of New Zealand are what you're after. https://huntechoutdoors.com/product/transporter-pants-copy/ I have had a pair of these for 5 years. The zippers on the side pockets have buggered up now but the main zip in the front is a workhouse. If you feel that pants should have a button, zip and belt then these pants are proper grownups pants.
  14. RescuemePLB is what I've got. Supersmall
  15. Depending on which national park you are near you may be allowed to hunt it. Check before you go
  16. I use a paper wheel on the bench grinder but when doing it by hand I use a Lanksy, same principle as the wickededge.
  17. these are some i've made from mystery steel from work
  18. I've got those same Mavens. They're much clearer than my Diamondback scope of that is anything to go by
  19. Going too fast if you're jingling. Backstraps in the pack and the arse end over your shoulders ?
  20. Oz Topo and openmaps is what's on mine. Both free
  21. When you grind it don’t use gloves. If it’s hot to the touch cool the steel or you will change the temper and lose your edge holding ability. If you see pretty colours in the steel you’ve gone too far
  22. I've got the Stone Glacier 3300 with xcurve frame. Figure it'll probably outlast me with the quality of it. Didn't come cheap but there's no weight on your shoulders either, unless you've got snake hips.
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