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  1. G'day Did you buy from that site? I know someone who is just getting into hunting and these would be just the shot for him but I am not too keen on recommending random sale sites. I like my diamondbacks, I have been using them for well over a decade now and they are still doing what I bought them for?
  2. Antler is bone. To split it you use a bandsaw.
  3. any saw blade over 18 inches in circumference will make decent knives, you just need to test your heat treating recipe to make sure you get it right. I have made hundreds using the same recipe as L6 and have had a bunch of them tested (they all came up between 59 and 61). The cold saw blades are shit, they are HSS and are near impossible to heat treat at home.
  4. Love my icebreakers spencers, only hassle is if the moths or silverfish find them over summer and you get a few holes LOL
  5. Hey that's the go, I tell you my experience with the rino, which happens to be different to your own and the next thing you know it must be user error rather than just an honest relation of their worth on that trip. The guys were on a rise easily 10km away and we had reasonable line of sight and could talk to them fine (bit scratchy but usable), but down in the timber and creek lines and they were just not as good as our unidens.
  6. A couple of guys I regularly hunt Cape York with have these units and I was less than impressed with what they could do. There were many times where tree cover cut the signal from them so badly that my mate and I could talk to the rino guys, but they could not talk to us (my mate and I use Uniden units). We were waiting at one pick up point for ages calling them on the radios and getting no reply, we got impatient and took a drive down the track and found them walking out about 2km away. They told us they could hear us fine but were wondering why we couldn't seem to hear them. They liked the polling function on their units. If they got separated (happens a lot when you bowhunt creek lines ) the units would show where the other guy was. We have enough trouble with our unidens up in the hills, I can't imagine I would ever buy a rino. Get a decent garmin though, they have great features that are very handy for hunters.
  7. Yep, real Japanese swords have all the makers marks hidden by the handle, so you are still no further ahead at this point
  8. It appears to have extra cord wrapped around the handle. If you pull this off you might find a more traditional handle finish below it. If you do you will see a pin that is used to hold the blade in place. If you push the pin out (it will be obvious which side is bigger) the handle can be removed, then you will be able to get a look at the makers marks on the blade (called the mei).
  9. They are swags? they look a lot like hiking tents made out of canvas
  10. I have a small lined gps pouch from Placatac on my bino harness strap. It means that even if I take my pack off for whatever reason I still have my gps with me. It is super handy hanging there against my ribs too.
  11. Yes Dad LOL Garmin, the best model he can afford (but ignoring paying for a camera). I have the 62s and if I had to replace it today I would buy the Etrex 30. He could go one of the touchscreen models if he was keen on them, but I don't believe the softer touchscreen will stand up to abuse as well as the glass screen on the 62 units.
  12. No, the problem is you are having trouble understanding the technology. When you are downloading the KMZ file from the GC you are not downloading "waypoints to map out an exclusion zone" , you are downloading a geo-referenced raster image. The download is an exact copy of the physical map (a scan) and the locations of exclusion zones will not be any different in your scanned copy. I am also surprised you believe you could somehow download and install the wrong map and not have noticed it is the wrong one as soon as you open it in Google Earth so you can transfer it to your GPS.
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