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Same same, but different


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14 hours ago, Dave9.3x62 said:

Nice work.

How do etching?

Most high carbon Damascus is etched in a ferric chloride mixture, then often given a finish etch in coffee. The first time I tried making a knife with stainless Damascus, I tried Ferric, but it didnt touch it. Despite trying for increasingly longer periods, Ferric brought out virtually no pattern at all. 

The last two knives I have actually successfully made from this stainless Damascus, I have used hydrochloric acid for the etch. It does much better, with some pattern emerging within the first minute. Now I am just trying to work out how long to leave it in the etch, so thats still an ongoing process.


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7 hours ago, 17dave said:

Another great looking knife RT.

We'll all be signing up for your knife making school when you open it.

Thanks mate 👍

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