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  1. you might wanna shave them legs make you a little more stealthy, less crash bash
  2. after seeing the sambarstalker pulling off the unbelievable, less incline to go full cammo now, and now just wear what what ever is comfy for a stalk
  3. don't think he means with thermal scope, it's the other thermals
  4. Sounds suss, though I will bring the mars bars The 700 is black and white though haven’t really played with it yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mine came today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. nice price, is it legit cause think I need 1
  7. flat bottom punts not great on open water, great for swamps rivers lagoons but not much else
  8. my number is 0458 109 393, i'll probably do a macca's run for burger caffine and paper

  9. whats your plans for the gatta trip in?  I'm headed in friday

    1. Waza


      Saturday morning at the moment Nath, spending friday night at a friends in Myrtleford 

  10. I use good old non steel capped work boots for walking in water when hunting duck, for me they comfortable and dry reall quickly have u tried retail based hiking boots probably wont have as much insulation?
  11. so many brand models that it can be confusing, big thing is how strong and how far the light throws makes the difference https://www.liteshop.com.au/content/olight-m3xs-ut-javelot-ultra-throw-1km-range-led-torch what I;m looking at buying later on in year when get few more spare coin.
  12. them legs were ment for walking

  13. ozrider81

    Butchering Gear

    probably how you skin too, 2 hand job if can lock the leg down use 1 hand to hold the skin up and away whilst you flay, and the right knife too can make a huge difference, using a curved skinning knife is way more ideal for flaying then a boning knife
  14. These arrived in post today, should do trick just need antenna's which I can pick up in a bit. A proper handheld which was priority Ready for the gatta[emoji3] just gotta learn to use them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. putting few dollars aside for my new handheld and cb for the car http://www.prestigecom.net.au/uniden-uh5045-24-12-volt-din-mount-size-uhf-cb-mobile http://www.prestigecom.net.au/uniden-uh950s-80-channel-commercial-quality-handheld am I on the right track, proper handheld is priority
  16. 15years worn daily so u sat at a desk all day that's why they last so long socks are only as good as the shoes you wear, wearing badly fitting shoes socks wont do you any good I've just used holeproof explorer socks ( liars they do get holes in them). never had problem with them comfort wise great, walked/waded in water and they've still been comfy and dry out quite well.
  17. yeah I found this out I recently after brought a safe the slots for the guns are very tight not really designed for shotguns and rifle with a scope
  18. I'm with henno on this. now if hunting with backpack knife in bag knife stays in bloody bag
  19. ozrider81

    Honing Steels

    nothing wrong with using a steel to touch up the sharpness of of the knife, though the main sharpening should be on a stone. being that I use knifes everyday, I use the stone often using the steel only to maintain the edge not using the steel to make or sharpen knife in the field I'd already have the knife sharp "obviously". a small medium rough steel would be my choice, enough bite to keep the edge but not too rough to eat the blade
  20. Try southern cross tents, their hand made canvas based in Melbourne, I've had 1 for over 20 years not sure price wise though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. shamelessly I haven't even started looking at at pair of boots, still only get awround with my bludestones. Have to get me schitt together and get a set before wonnagatta
  22. ozrider81

    Butchering Gear

    being that I have yet to see a sambar in the flesh, gonna go with a guess and compare a sambar with a goat ( feral/farmed) but both would be lean game animals, just means that your knife has to be legit sharp as the skin will sit tighter and harder. Cows are comparative easier given the carry more fiesh.
  23. ozrider81

    Butchering Gear

    sin is right, skin will blunt a knife what you need to DO is being able to secure the leg this will help, you need to run the knife between hide and meat pretty good example not as good as me
  24. ozrider81

    Butchering Gear

    just use my work knifes they sharp so good enough
  25. Anyways was doing an errand, ended up near a jb-hifi picked up a new toy Yeah etrex 10 nothing flashy but will see me thru. Now gotta get out for a stalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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