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G'day from - QLD

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Hello All,

Dan here, Glad to finally find a place of like minded people 

Been shooting a few year now and own 

enough calibers to surface 

and keen to do more trips in the near future 

ferals are the main target and lion forward to harvest my first dear next year 

lucky enough to have a wifey that shares the live of the hunt  to so we do it all together 

Cheers legends 

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Gday from the Gold Coast, shooting about 5 years, only fairly new to hunting. Rifle mostly, but I’ve had a go with the bow too. Looking to learn a few things, hopefully find some decent spots in south east qld, and maybe pick up some used reloading gear and tips

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G'day guys and girls!

Ado here from the Cairns area,

Haven't been hunting for a while, used dogs for chasing pigs until about 4years ago, looking to get a bit more stealthy and try out bow hunting, there are a growing population of deer in the bush lands surrounding my property.

Came across this website looking for handmade knives, and second hand bows if possible but more importantly the info from experienced hunters.

Thanks and maybe get to chat soon.


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Tau here from South Africa/ Namibia. I will be moving to Tully area in the next month. I studied Nature Conservation and Game farm management and love hunting and fishing. I had to sell most of my guns in South Africa and the other I will be storing for when I come back to visit, so I am feeling a little fragile after having to sell my rifles I have used so much. 

I am an avid reloader and love shooting steel at Long range. I have no quibble with how others hunt, but I love open sight hunting in the mountains as it is a great challenge for me.

So I have to

1. Find new hunting buddy's

2. get myself registered and ready to own firearms in Australia

3. Import the rifles I would want to keep from South africa. 

So if if anybody from Cairns down to Cardwell know of a range or shooting clubs/ groups please let me know. Would love to get some hunting in, however I get I first ned to meet the right people.


My favourite hunting is Kudu in the mountains I have hunted most of South africa and Namibia. Unfortunately my budget has never allowed a African Buffalo hunt. 




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Graeme from Brisbane here. Been a keen hunter most of my life, but since moving to SEQ from FNQ 10 years ago things have been a bit slow for me. Have mainly hunted ferals but would love to get into deer hunting for meat for my family ?.

Hope to be able to contribute to the forum on hunting and custom rifle building subjects.

Cheers for having me.


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Hello, I’m 29 and live 30kms inland from Noosa. I hunt red deer mostly for meat and hopefully a double six eventually. I also chase pigs with my dog. I have shot mainly with my 270win, but lately I’ve been having good success with my Howa 308. I live on 100acres so I hunt a lot. I also do pistol shooting and like to smash a few clays every now and then. Looking forward to talking to some fellow hunters,


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Hi Jamie from Brisbane 

hunted most of my life till I moved to Sydney 9 years ago for work 

never renewed my lic so in the process of getting it back 

was a pro roo shooter pig chaser around the Charleville area for near on 5 years 

looking to make some new freinds in the area 

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