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G'day from - QLD

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Welcome to the AusHunt website all new members.

AusHunt promotes safe, ethical and humane hunting practice in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. There are many experienced members and industry reps who are only too happy to answer your questions.

Just tell us a little about yourself by replying here to gain immediate full access.

Happy Hunting,

AusHunt Admin.

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Hi ALL and GDay

Some info on me

Name: Andrew

Living Area: Brisbane, Queensland

Background: Been hunting since 11 years old and now 23. Fired First rifle at the age of 4

Game Hunting: Rabbit, Fox, Pigs hopefully deer soon

Calibres: 12g, 22lr, 223 rem, 270 win but soon will be more :D

Happy Hunting to all

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name: kley

age: 16

gender: male

location: capella

hunting style: doggin pigs soon to be a shooter

started hunting last year

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gi'day ,

i'm darryn , i'm 36 , live @ alberton ( between bris & gold coast ) we hunt every thing from rabbits through to deer & have been doing so since before i can remember so my parrents have been telling me , & am enjoying starting to give my own little people the same oppertunity

regards darryn

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biglew, Live and work @ Ipswich age 44 have gotten back into Shooting after about 25 years, because my 16 year old Son said he would like to do it,

So far have bought a Omark .308 we use for Fclass at Riply QRA a mod 2 1973 Bruno a .223 Rugar KMVT 77 for Fclass and my Son just got a 7.62 Israli K 98 mod.

And my 11 year old just got me to buy him a Anschutz .22 lr mod 14, for use at the Ripley SSAA range,

Any body know off any where not to far from Ippy where we can hunt rabbits willing to pay,

The boys would love to try that.

Cheers Lewis

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chris , 25, living in labrador gold coast.finally got round to gertting my licence! keen to getr back into hunting again, been a couple of years, (in nz).

any one wanting someone to share the fun and the costs for a hunt let me know.

cheers guys

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G'day All,

Live in Laidley Shire, always owned .22 semi autos & shotguns for bunny's & duck & at different times dingo & pig with .303.

Just in the process of purchasing a Sako .243, 3-9X Leupold & reload gear, to improve my single shot capabilities, & for what i beleive, is the .243's versatility.

Cheers for now, Bruza. :)

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G'day all

My name is Kevin, aged 44 and living in Townsville. Been hunting with firearms and dogs since I was old enough to tag along with my oldman. Never have much to say but I enjoy checking out the forum.



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G’day all,

Jason here from Brisbane. I suppose I am really easing my way back into shooting/hunting after a few year break due to business commitments.

Hunting pigs was my thing, but deer have really started to interest me.

Cheers Deco. :P

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name: Matt

age: 18

gender: male

location: Cairns

hunting style: shooting pigs, running down pigs, and dogging pigs

i have been hunting for approx 10 years, mostly with dogs. i have only just become a shooter in the last 2 years. my other hobbies include: mixed martial arts, 4x4in, and photography.


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Hi,Richard from Warwick,48 years young,been hunting since I could hold a rifle.Have used a bow for the past 30+ years also.

Gotten back into rifles more in the last 18 months as my 14 year old son likes to shoot at the local SSAA range once a month at the rabbit and crow shoot. Which means we get to spend one whole day together.

I hunt anything that is feral.

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